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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    Constantly matched with him in games which are thrown or contain bots / afk accounts. Likely a booster.

    Intentional matchmaking abuse. The Bounty Hunter had several lapses in movement outside of base and in team-fights; obvious ghost account used by the other team. Intentionally bought a divine rapier in order to feed the opposing Medusa.


    • Match ID : 5501974273
      Player Name: Cristina Crostatina

      he started the game intentional feeding top lane then went mid after selling hes items and went afk with shadow amulet
      he is a new account as usual , lvl 26, he must get a permanent ban, coz he will never be better player...


      • Match ID : 5505448204
        Player Name: Gatto^The^Cat

        started the game crying for mid, intentional mid feeding, giving enemy mid hero wards and sentries , he did everything he could to lose the game...



          Member of your dev team / a hacking group who is griefing / boosting in low behaviour score games.
          No one in this match is a real player.

          Match ID: 5510679059



            Another booster / ghost / server-side hacker.


            • 2 guys on high mmr 8k+ EU bracker abuse mmr together. Alchimist guy s first abuser, brood s second one(he lastpick brood when he saw alch mid and was ruining all game, if u gonna open lane perspective, and after, when we started winnin, what this guy was doing you gonna realize this guy s 100% ALCH friend which helps him grind mmr on rank20 EU(just watch any 20 mins of the game if you wanna make sure). WK knew it from start and was blaming them in AllChat
              ttps:// - main abuser Alch, rank20 EU.
     his friend on Brood.
              Match ID: 5515869839


              • 5518406487-game ruiners :"fuckoff"(his/her name)and "@" + on enemy side f0r3v3r(talking shit(especially at the end when throne falls )I hope for justice amount of pain in these kind of games is too high and is not healthy for your game to have these kind of players i hope you check

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                • Matches ruined by multiple valve bots (cheats on the server itself) and I get reported? haha
                  (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


                  • Well well another matchmaking abuse by valve itself
                    Match ID: 5539523922
                    As it is easy to see, we have a lot of valve bots in this beautiful fraudulent game. A Legion valve-bot with the equivalent of bash and maphack scripts as we can see at 32 minutes. Some kind of strange crash that I received from the server after I died because I was mysteriously completely lagged while I was dueling with the buff / blink / duel in the fog without a reference from Legion maphack. I had problems when I got back to the game since it took forever to load the map. And as it was not surprising (in matches with the valve's toxic beater cheaters), the match was not even paused.
                    Nobody ruins more Dota matches today than Valve herself, congratulations!
                    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


                    • how uanlock my accaunt? please


                      • MMR ABUSE WITH 10 PLAYER ( 5 ACCOUNT BUYER ON SIDE LOSE )

                        MATCH ID :
                        Attached Files
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                        • Good day. Found a nest of 15-minute match throwers, grouping together and against each other and trading wins / losses during shot, onde-sided games.
                          Certain match id's are included, but there are so many participants, I can't possibly to list all of them

                          Steam profile 76561198084011601 Steam name: PogU
                          5472295535 5472221869 5471228368 5471007153 5470711779 5467643272

                          Steam profile 76561198052116922 Steam name: ♿ ecaps ♿
                          5605360888 5605338651 5604492622 5601436027 5601240728

                          Steam profile 76561198139872985 Steam name: AmD
                          5602557127 5602751773 5602519431 5599377068 5601240728

                          Steam profile 76561198080223516 Steam name: salam aleykum
                          5606459497 5605415713 5605455515 5605550028 5605623296

                          Steam profile 76561198034399778 Steam name: VeloZona
                          5606606184 5605623296 5603771786 5603223625 5603245514

                          Steam profile 76561198299527401 Steam name: Hikki
                          5605707904 5605660570 5605540271 5605458309 5605287496 5605319927

                          Steam profile 76561198064185594 Steam name: Ruyi
                          5580563232 5578040422 5576730526 5575125931

                          Steam profile 76561198082409488 Steam name: ImDDIo
                          5603926336 5599855136 5599282899

                          Steam profile 76561198104645355 Steam name: SK.Deadman
                          5596685624 5598219886 5595497550 5593822071

                          Steam profile 76561198125056230 Steam name: Sweet taste of Risk
                          5597956529 5595497550 5594189912 5587280019

                          Steam profile 76561198053407054 Steam name: БЕЗ НЕГАТИВА
                          5502982828 5497150245 5497099014 5489609380 5485900213

                          Steam profile 76561198093776284 Steam name: Это я забанил вр'ку
                          5606089577 5605181791 5594913363 5594176607

                          Steam profile 76561198013401352
                          5607386597 5607340906 5606448666 5606427966 5605084817 5605067878 5605044276 5605027165 5604550020
                          Last edited by arsado; 09-09-2020, 04:30 PM.


                          • Server spoofing and botting.

                            MatchID: 5622124276


                            • Intentional AFK / map ghosting.

                              MatchID: 5622457974


                              • MatchID: 5626626924

                                Blatant intentional AFK, smurfing and a DDoS/lag-exploit to end the game they couldn't finish.
                                Hopefully whoever on the "dev team" is reading this will want to make sure their booster / smurf accounts aren't so obvious as this match.