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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • I want to report a player. In my opinion, he plays very well for this level of play.
    he also talked about some kind of boost service in dota 2. (I hid the link on purpose.)


    • plz unban me I have alot of commend and some freinds report me for fun


      • gonna expose acting services in china, this ppl play on japan server with 5 man premade party, witnessed this with my friend account
        here are some of the games and game id of the boosted ppl

        ingame match id's :5644095529

        Dota id of winning team


        • MMR ABUSE Party in Top Dota TV games

          Just clicked on top watchable game in DOTA TV and found a clearly obvious mmr abuse parties who were afking for 20 min stopping creeps with tidehunter and then one team (with higher ranks and lower account level) proceed to finish.
          9 of 10 profiles hidden on dotabuff, but one which isn't revealed tons of games like this:

          Match ID: 5694417874
          Revealed by dotabuff investigation matches ID:


          • Hi, I am banned until 2021 and I need your help Some players ruin the game themselves and report others


            • Match ID: 5718957355
              Steam ID: 258366473
              If you look at his steam profile many people have been commenting about his behavior in-game. Very toxic. The development team must have some kind of solution to prevent people like this in-game: taking all neutral items and not sharing and also blocking own jungle camp. I think dota should have a solution to prevent buying wards, taking more than 1 neutral items, and allowing deward team mates wards. thank you.


              • Hi i got banned lot of times by people abusing reports i have every single game and name of players who reported me for no single reason either bcz i told them to stop troll or they just want to do it i even have youtube video for the trolls and toxic players
                ID GAME of pa : 5723279636
                id game 2 OF a CK throwing and a veno pos 4 who doesn't support : 5723215953
                id game 3 playing with a smurf invoker who ruins the game : 5722764558
       : pa destroys items and accbuyer


                • Pls unban me i really did nothing to deserve getting mmr abuse reports like how i am abusing mmr i am not even a booster or smurf?
                  my id is : 1005598446 Pls unban me i really don't deserve the ban at all How i am abusing mmr system i just want to get it it's like 6 reports on MMR abuse lol???


                  • Match: 5725984343
                    Player name: Xrp
                    All dire jungle blocked /centry/


                    • Match: 5729511070
                      Player Name: The Mayor of Hounslow
                      Steam ID #: 404164249
                      Very toxic trolling; kept nightmaring the entire team whenever cooldown is off to deliberately kill teammates
                      Completely toxic behavior


                      • just moral freaks!! here again, the fifth game is merged, because of geeks who are not able to play chesno, and because of the crooked hands of developers, I can't call for help because of the fact that stupid people from DOTA2 banned my chat, how to play if you turned off 90% of the game's features? how to play when the toy team with a normal choice of characters and the enemy chose all the CHEATERS not fixed unbalanced characters???? how to play the game where-you with a knife and the enemy with a Kalashnikov and in a tank!???? how to play in such conditions??? Forgive me visitors for my vocabulary, but other words as a creature, I do not find!!!


                        • im banned until 2038 plz help me


                          • Match ID:5760074284
                            Feeding player id: 272572104
                            Boosted: none
                            Please developers put an option to prevent 1 players to buy smokes/obs wards/sentry so that they buy and block own team's jungle. I hope you consider. Players account is hidden.


                            • match ID : 5762147182
                              smurf player tinker one in this match
                              this is so clear he is a buster and cahnge game completly . plz check match and tinker and his last matchs


                              • MatchID: 5768209131

                                FriendID: 133351685

                                Herald 4

                                Went 19/0 as windranger.

                                7-game streak with windranger, 90% win rate
                                6-game streak with ogre 61% win rate
                                4 game streak with witch doctor

                                Smurf account. How is smurf detection not picking this up?

                                Why do I not have enough reports to report this person in game?