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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    • Match id: 5877505253
      Booster steam account:

      Please, check this account for boost. Also check it for soft. Thanks.


      • Match ID: 5877706677
        feeding account: 173860765 boosted account:118419608
        both player are from the same guild, at the beginning of the game they all chat about greifing in chinese to let the boosted win.After we got mega at min 47, the sk went jungling and refuse to play with the team. We fought 4 on 5 for 10 min and lost the game eventually. Besides totally afk jungling forr the last 10 min of the game, sk also fed randomly along the way. Please check these matter and punish them.


        • Match id: 5881219273



          • Hello
            Match ID: 5881539886
            bought - boosting - match abusing accounts:
   played Jugger
   played Witch Doctor (blocked all camps with wards intentional feed sabotage etc)


            • Please check match: 5885624741 from the perspective of skywrath mage (player: Lexa-Bankai) for example. On multiple occasions dire team could see people from radiant on the map without having vision of the area. Is this some sort of a maphack? First instance I noticed is at 09:09. If I take player perspective from anyone from the dire team, they can see wraith king farming a creep camp at the bottom lane. Or at 11:56, wk just pops up farming a camp deep into radiant jungle. 13:13 same story etc. Im not sure who exactly introduces the vision into the game so I cant blame anyone player, as all of the dire team gain the vision advantage.
              Last edited by co0k3u; 03-13-2021, 07:26 PM.


              • Hello,
                Here is a profile of a booster with scripts, all his matches are with some other boosters at least 2 per match, he has autododge script also freezescreen script from what I have confirmed:


                freeze script/match dodge id: 5893292761
                autododge script: 5893301599

                I still have him in friend list so I will update when Valve actually bans him, lets see how long it takes.


                • Griefing, blocking camps, trolling, feeding - all on ranked, match ID: 5896916295

                  Player Storm Spirit:

                  Cant say for certain is it Matchmaking Abuse but it is ranked abuse.


                  • Match ID: 5914979701

                    nick: ✪K3bOool ツ
                    played: Ogre Magi
                    Steam profile:

                    info: Griefing blocking all our camps with wards, unpausing for our reconecting player 5 times, on ranked


                    • Hello I hope you are having a wonderful day

                      match ID: 5916083534
                      player nick: Eustache Traista
                      steam profile:

                      info: griefing and blocking allied camps with wards on ranked

                      thank you


                      • match ID: 5926080768, 5926206496, 5925909502, 5926157038
                        player nick: Arthur
                        steam profile:

                        info: Booster, smurfing. Look at their recent match history. Please, stop the evil.
                        Last edited by theadamdavis; 04-20-2021, 06:41 PM.


                        • Match ID: 5928667405
                          Player nick: "1" playing Pugna
                          Steam Profile:

                          Info: Boosting[2000>6000 (3950)] on a steam (


                          • How all these players can be picking so fast and made such weird build? Watch it yourself?
                            Match ID: 5947063547
                            See yourself, usually support players will want to go pick first but all of these guys picked so fast, acting like serious playing in the game. After that, they simply threw game to the AM.
                            Wow...magic in Dota 2 that Valve never know!
                            [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
                            [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]


                            • I just played a game where one player did absolutely nothing to play the game. I would like to have the player removed permanently from the game as it is not fair to other players? match id is 5985366903 player friend id is 1022606935
                              please review this as this is absurd behavior and i would like to see this player banned. if this is not where i should post can you please direct me to the appropriate thread, thank you i am new here. the player walked around all game and only bought boots and a dagger and was mid lane and did not level appropriately and is not new to the game. steam profile id


                              • MatchID: 6066032023

                                A player smurfing on Razor gets mad that he isn't getting a solo lane or something, I'm unsure. I do not interact with players at the beginning of matches due to the amount of cheating / amount of griefing / broken behavior score system. In any case, after he's started to feed post-first runes, I suddenly get disconnected from the match and eat an abandon. Obvious DDoS use, or some sort of network abuse.

                                If the dev team is going to continue to harass my account and other solo-queue players with obvious cheating / match fixing, at least be transparent about it. Almost no one seriously plays this game anymore. I'm not sure why there's even a system of shadow-banning and shadow-pool in place anymore. None of it works.