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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Bot and Sandbox matchmaking & behavior abuse

    Match ID: 6080699184, 6081213090
    Feeding player: 299165533, 1224052958
    Ammount of games: 2

    I was completing cavern crawl quests (I was Monkey king in both games) and matched with people who abuse behavior score and first 100 hours to unlock ranked matchmaking using bots and sandbox two times (same people). A person with nickname namae no nai (ID: 299165533) was playing in party with obvious bots in both games (their IDs: 1227823645, 1228208064, 1228616079). After the game started, these bots ran down mid and started feeding (in both games as well), while the owner of the bot himself was staying afk/feeding too. All of of the bots I listed above have only one game on their accounts and lvl 1 badge (I suppose he just uses the bots to feed and then leave the game so it can be scored and never uses bots again). Moreover, these bots were in a guild FLPK7 (if you open it, you will be shocked - it's a guild full of lvl 1 accounts and each bot there has only 1 game on their account with 0% winrate).

    When I realized that these are bots and abusers, I went afk to wait until one of the bots abandons the game and I wrote in all chat that what they are doing is quite not right, they started insulting me and it turned out that my enemies (they were party in both games) in these 2 games with nicknames siesta (ID: 1224052958) and void (ID: 1226665727) are friends with the owner of bots in my team (ID: 299165533). I suppose that the owner of bots (his ID in previous sentence) has very low behavior on his account, so he feeds using bots to make the game finished as soon as possible and to get higher behavior score, while 2 enemies (void and siesta) are abusing 100 hours to unlock ranked matchmaking easily and not to bother playing usual unranked games - benefit for everyone, except other 5-6 players of the game.

    In both games I matched with the owner of bots who was feeding himself and using bots and in both games I had same enemies (in the 1st game the bot owner had 2 bots and himself - a party of three, while enemies - his friends were a party of 3 as well; in the 2nd game the bot owner had only 1 bot with him - a party of two, while enemies were a party of two as well), so it is obvious that they are abusing matchmaking and start finding the game in the same second to get matched together, in the same game against each other.

    By the way, when the bot owner was saying how cool is he, he said that his main account is asdsad1821, rank 500 (ID: 882261866, steamID: 76561198842527594), and that "he is not an idiot to play 100 hours seriously on his smurf accounts".

    It would be really great for the community if all of these people, their bots and main accounts get permanently banned chainly. Thank you !


    • MatchID: 6085984231

      Network abuse and spoofing / smurfing with other accounts.


      • Hello guys. My rank is guardian 2.
        I was playing with this player in ranked. 55942815 This account is guardian.
        Match ID:6137359839
        But when we played he says he is boosting this account. He was cocky and says he has much mmr. He was toxic, but really good player.

        I checked dotabuff and dota profile. This account got rank up few hours ago. Now this account is on recalibration. I checked all his ranked games, where he performed really good:

        6136448557 12 - 1 - 9 Riki
        6136500959 15 - 2 - 10 Trax
        6137359839 30 - 8 - 15 Ursa (Game with me)
        6137392757 15 - 5 - 22 Phantom
        6137972766 16 - 6 - 19 Doom
        6140132633 31 - 7 - 10 Ursa (party game) -> average of this game was archon or higher i dont know but he played better than all as guardian player
        6140954745 11 - 1 - 16 Lycan
        6141045011 12 - 6 - 31 Balanar
        6141149045 25 - 3 - 27 Dawnbreaker
        6141258271 14 - 1 - 14 Lycan
        6141490835 36 - 3 - 20 Ursa
        6141551090 13 - 9 - 24 Monkey (party game) -> average higher then solo
        6141638517 14 - 0 - 17 Lycan

        However there are many unranked games in between. There is also 2 or 3 loss when he did not play good (Timber: 6139853561). I checked my game when he played Ursa with this timber game. Its so different. Mouse movement, how he clicks and buys. I send two replays to my friend who is higher player and he says its different. one is using map left side and shop right side and the other using map right side shop left side.

        he did not play many games with the heros i said. i think the heros he played on this account maybe first time but no more than 10. or if more then 10 it is low winrate.

        i think this account is boosted and not many calibration games left. I wanted to report first time when i played with him but i forget. now he has already 300 mmr more then me in 2-3 days and maybe more. this is not normal. he said he is boosting or higher player and now i see on dotabuff that he was not lying. Check different items and way to play.

        ​​​​​​​I hope you can reset all the mmr he got from boost. Thank you!


        • match id: 6175766007
          feeding player id: 275518926
          Feeding mid til lvl 1, shadow amulet afk later. Do something please.


          • ban for 6 month for no reason please help me and unbanned me


            • Zeus in my opinion using dodge script Time 39:41
              Match ID 6212095062
              Attached Files
              Last edited by Mendo; 10-06-2021, 05:33 PM.


              • Match ID: 6232546486
                Invoker queueing with 2 people to boost their MMR.

                They have a pattern of winning 10 games in a row, losing 2 on purpose, then winning another 10 in a row. On top of that they're scripting on Invoker or Miracle has taken up a job as an account booster.

                17 game winstreak on Invoker 92% winrate
                16 game winstreak on Shadow Fiend 90% winrate
                12 game winstreak on Magnus 82% winrate

                How is the automated system not picking up people like this? But I go 12-1 in a game and suddenly the system thinks I'm boosting and it puts me against these people.


                More match ids:



                Last edited by iAxX; 10-20-2021, 02:45 PM.


                • 4 Griefers in 1 game: 6245080060 (match id)

                  Ranked matchmaking. 4 players following each other around in the jungle from before level 2, giving free wins to opponents.

                  Sniper eventually gets an abandon for not moving.

                  Toxic chat log:

                  Devs can check the team chat to see if anything bad was said.

                  Quick video proof of 4 AFK junglers griefing:

                  Games like this are ruining what a beautiful game could be. How in good faith can we recommend Dota to others when players like this ruin games all day. Dota could be something special.

                  Last edited by PolarraloP; 10-28-2021, 04:08 AM. Reason: Added video proof


                  • Valve employee boosting accounts on the server as usual on the South American server.

                    Match ID: 6297467923

                    Declared Valve employee: Sky

                    Clearly using 2 or more accounts in game: Bara (afk almost the entire game when someone died on the other team moved, apparently to Marci)

                    Likely boosted account: Medusa

                    1. At the end of the game it was not possible to report/commend showing to be an abnormal game on the server

                    2. Total games played by Sky increased around 12 minutes of play (usual valve bot account running in multiple games)

                    3. It's almost 2022, until when will your staff valve boost in South America?
                    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


                    • Again, in Chile server now
                      Match ID: 6297933019
                      ez valve staff boosting, ez money
                      (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA