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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match id: 6362449426
    Player id: 305477500 (Playing Centa)
    Feeding, ruin the game also toxic behaviour.
    He was go NC, get killed then feed to bot tower at early game, after that buy all ward, sentry and dust then destroy it, then destroy all his item and feed again.
    30 minutes like that, feeding, destroy item, wards and sentry, please banned this acc, so toxic behaviour.


    • Match id :6362701130
      Player id:96271489, 319926153
      I playing normal game (just return to dota2 for a weeks)
      i help safe lane kill and die two time , after that i warding on top ,and here we go.. them starting to voice chat with curse word like family die say i am uesless keep walking around
      after i mute voice they starting type ~like scene shot even i said report and they don even care just keep continnue rasict curse word.
      toxic player like this should have to baned.
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 1 photos.


      • Guys stop vining about it here, if you have issues or concerns losing your rank, do let us know because we are the best Dota 2 Boost providers.


        • Match ID : 6372576542 troll and OD smurf account buyers

          Troll 1120736351 dota ID

          OD smurf account 1259470598 dota ID

          OD real account steam link


          • Match ID 6372636410

            Pos1 Monkey King level 1 jungle 10 min midas Dota ID 31703271

            its just 3 games in a row with wintraders intentional game ruiners and enemy smurfs

            any excuse for this beautiful matchmaking ?


            • Smurf account Dota ID 1195822350

              Game 1 playing SF Match ID 6373239534
              Game 2 playing huskar Match ID 6373319230

              he bought his account 28th June 2021
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              Last edited by prax86; 01-12-2022, 07:09 AM.


              • the crusader who destroy the ancient players Silencer smurf Dota ID 163720905

                match ID 6372226506
                Attached Files


                • SF smurf account Dota 2 ID 120512885

                  Game ID 6373658142

                  ban his other accounts too ty
                  Last edited by prax86; 01-12-2022, 10:28 AM.


                  • Broodmother (Sareed) has been boosting this account for a while now
                    Match ID 6379614217
                    He streams boosting live on


                    • Match ID: 6380896922
                      Our Luna pos 1 (friend ID 73254082) got mad bc our weaver 3 stole his first aegis. We were way ahead and it was free win so it didn't really matter. But after that he buys a divine rapier to intentionally feed it, sells all his items to buy and feed another rapier. Idk who on the enemy team was his friend but clearly he intentionally griefed a free win in ranked. PLs refund my teams mmr and issue at least a week ban to this player. There needs to be consequences for intentionally ruining ranked games, or else dota will continue to suffer low quality matchmaking forever. Players know they can get away with griefing with barely a slap on the wrist at best thats why so much griefing happens in ranked.


                      • deal-with-it-quickmeme-com-gaben-memes-49086881.png


                        • Friend ID: 393137700
                          Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196568850
                          Profile Permalink:

                          Rapid MMR Gains and Losses (Boosting account OR Boosted account).

                          For the former: Purposefully de-ranks and then boosts players from a lower MMR to Archon/Legend area. Once they are there, begins to grief games in order to de-rank. Rinse and repeat.

                          For the latter: Pays for boosting services, gets to a rank, and then de-ranks back to normal rank quickly.

                          Would not surprise me if the de-ranking games were botted/account shared in the case of the former.

                          First encounter, screenshot of profile taken around the end of November. Played with, was intentionally griefing.


                          Played against today, (Jan 17th, 2022). Enemy team was complaining about them the entire time.


                          Would be interesting to take a look into this account's Dotabuff/Opendota, but unfortunately the account has been made private. My guess is that the spans of rapid MMR growth are only in party queues or snipe queues. I am only making this post because this is the second time I have come across this player and the MMR gains/losses are obviously a booster/boosted account.
                          Attached Files


                          • match ID 6383450750 smurf dota ID 355562770


                            • deal-with-it-quickmeme-com-gaben-memes-49086881.png


                              • 269115248 dota 2 ID

                                6387575452 match ID SF smurf account party boosting his friend

                                Dota ID 1093354445 Huskar pos 4 jungle level 1 ) griefing on next level
                                Attached Files
                                Last edited by prax86; 01-20-2022, 07:32 AM. Reason: its the smurf SF