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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Smurf SF boosting his friend in party Dota ID 215205514 Game ID 6401105690


    • 1062981450 dota 2 ID smurf AA mid lvl 37 boosting his friend
      match ID 6401170804


      • 6401940883 match ID

        Dota 2 ID 89526812

        Tinker with 1 button scripted spells his trigger bot made him jump always in melee range (no good tinker would ever do this, but the cheat software does it ) and ofc his spellusage was typical scripted lighting speed. and on top if it he can see enemy TPs in the fog without vision and is blinking straight towards the enemey he cant see ( replay checked)

        HWID ban this guy ty
        Last edited by prax86; 01-28-2022, 04:42 AM.


        • match ID 6402177410 Radiant 3 smurf accounts

          Techies 1036022079

          OD 1266842987

          Alchemist 983357181

          1 intentional game ruiner griefer on Dire hard support prophet farming the whole map with ulti and clears the jungle to delay the items of our PL no sentries vs techies and only useless items

          Natures Prophet account 15010752 6550 games ruined by this guy


          • 120512885 this guy is still not banned ))) i hope you even know that these russian smurfs clear their Registry and change HWID and Mac Adress and delete the SSFN files . so they can smurf free because u dont detect them. so maybe u start to watch some replays


            • 6402413077 match ID

              Smurf mid kotl dota ID 126184155

              Smurf Legion commander Dota ID 127811506


              • just saying that i am playing since 8 games in a row vs multiple smurfs on enemy team, with griefing teammates .


                • would not happen if you would actually work and ban the smurfs the community is already doing your work and even invest time to post them here. but as i can see smurfs i did report 2 weeks ago are still playing on 20 win streaks ))


                  • devs dont care man, they retarted as gaben, all they care is about $$$

                    as long as people are giving them $$$ they wont do shit


                    • 108051588 Dota2 ID
                      6402517793 Match ID

                      Queen of pain account buyer ( smurfing in crusader bracket)


                      • 6402834035 match ID smurf brood dota 2 ID 174808344


                        • Dota 2 ID 405061269 smurf tinker

                          match ID 6402947255
                          Last edited by prax86; 02-01-2022, 05:59 AM.


                          • Match id: 6405283452
                            Player id: 246023069 (Playing OD)

                            PLEASE BANNED THIS KIND OF 2 TOXIC PLAYER
                            WASTED MY TIME AND RUIN ENJOYING DOTA GAME


                            • Scripting Arc Warden with auto hex and auto orchid ( and auto spell usage ) its his 2k mmr smurf account and he tried to be funny cheating in Turbo Game

                              when he is pushing T3 mid tower he got attacked from shadowblade before the attack could hit instant hex and orchid

                              Match ID 6425854670

                              Dota 2 ID 354226739

                              multiple Vac bans in steam profile. maybe its finally time to give him a perma developer ban, since your cheat vac bans do nothing.
                              Last edited by prax86; 02-11-2022, 01:05 AM.


                              • Never mind, you guys can keep this trash game. Boosters, trolls, etc... are allowed obviously they will never fix this they do not give two shiznit's about real esports nor customer experience.

                                Match ID: 6430211441
                                Player Name: Demon-shot
                                His Friend ID: 1215333315

                                This player has a blank steam account and he was placing wards in front of the fountain on purpose so Nix can attack us without vision. Night stalker threw the game on purpose. This is a booster account for sure.

                                I also added a replay of him doing it. I add a link to download the .dem file so you can watch him doing it.

                                I am sure more to come. There is a crapload of boosting accounts and I will keep posting them here to help clean up this fun game. Well, it's fun when people are not causing problems.
                                Last edited by megahertz; 02-13-2022, 04:22 PM.