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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match ID: 701817840
    Feeding player: Name:Apu play with Lina
    Boosted players: Direteam
    Ammount of games: Personally witness 1.
    30sec of the game feed mid for no reason then start it over and over again.


    • Match ID: 702483923
      Feeding playing : Alf the Cat destroyer ( lifestealer )
      Boosted player: Disinherited ( bristleback )
      Amount of games: witnessed this one, ls and veno just fed and in 10 minutes score was 10 - 0 and they just kept at it.


      • Match ID:703075850
        Feeding Player: Invoker
        Player boosted: Night Stalker

        Invoker (username: PracticingInvoker) intentionally feeds Night Stalker (username: jj) repetitively and does not skill anything other than invoke.

        Match ID: 703219731
        Feeding Player: Necrophos
        Player boosted: Legion Commander

        Same two players... Necrophos (changed name: PlzGoWin) goes off-lane vs LC (username: jj) and intentionally feeds repetitively 0-5.

        I didn't even bother to play this game because I was busy writing this post. Just made sure I get enough experience not to abandon. We won.

        Please have a look at these players and suspend their account if possible.

        Match ID: 703291808
        Feeding Player: Sniper
        Player boosted: Luna

        Luna is the same guy (username: jj) changed his name. I am not sure if sniper is the same guy.

        Please delete these persons' accounts.
        Last edited by Jacob_961; 06-06-2014, 03:48 AM. Reason: 3rd game same guy being boosted


        • Match ID: 704307753
          Feeding player: 杨师傅开始送分了
          Boosted players: $$$我要打职业!
          Ammount of games: 1 i was in. They were friends on steam account and have probably done it in the past aswell.


          • Match ID: 713213141
            Feeding Player: Bicho, SLAVON POKEMON and one Anonymous
            Boosted Player: F.E.A.R. and Spike
            Amount of games: 1 witnessed

            Witch Doctor and Vengeful Spirit came top with me (I was Omni off lane) and they were both feeding their tri lane Tiny, Crystal Maiden and Wisp. Both WD and Venge were tower diving. Nai'x on the other hand went bottom solo vs Bristle and fed him then abandoned the game.
            "The only thing we have to fear is fear it's self."

            Buggy: Do you know what the government calls me these days ?
            Shanks: ?
            Buggy: Buggy the Clown.
            Shanks: Isn't that your real name ?
            Buggy: No it's not.
            Buggy: My name is Buggy D. Clown.


            • Match ID: 715500426
              Feeding player : Shrek is love (Nature's Prophet)
              Boosted player: Miracle~ (Sniper)
              Amount of games: witnessed this one, but if you check snipers match history it is filled with this kind of games.

              From the start nature's prophet intentionally feed sniper, plus feed him couriers. They were friends at steam profile.


              • Match ID: 716187884
                Feeding Player: Ancient apparition (can't copy the russian chars)
                Booster Player: Ayni (Tinker)

                Intentional feeding by aa since the start, tinker boasted about having 17 wins in row on team chat. When every1 said it would report them he said he has bots clearing up LPQ for his accounts, so he doesn't care


                • Match ID: 716729788
                  Feeding Player: Viper (STEAM_0:1:88584045)
                  Boosting Player: Phantom Assasin (STEAM_0:1:89588137)
                  100% wr player, 32 games (2 ranked, 30 casual)

                  After this game I repeat him "for return my MMR"! Because I know if u banned him you dont return my rating. This is not first time, whats I play vs booster my account is 6669 hours dota 2000+ wins public games and 1000 ranked games. This game is infuriated me, because in this year it's not first time, when I lose MMR to "boosters" and they appear again and again and I decided to repeat as they are. After 1 game for "return" my MMR I got ban and now I can play only vs. "abusers". For a couple of hours I found on Russian forums, how to do the same, and repeated after the game was banned.

                  Please remove the ban, I'll never use it, and please do something to fix this exploit for never in CM 4000 MMR games ppls never find abusers in games!

                  This is my game "for return MMR" after I got a game vs. booster: 717071158
                  This is 3rd game after I get a ban I test, whats wrong with my account: 718427931

                  My account ID:
                  account_id: 23297034
                  Last edited by saNEkk; 06-13-2014, 10:18 PM.


                  • MatchID — 718832576
                    feeder — 早晚生命結束 (Luna)
                    boosted — defoliate. (Slark)
                    Other's match with this abuser — 718956926, 718899861, 718772741


                    • Match ID: 719141369

                      Feeding player: flaxyboi
                      Feeding player: Holy

                      Boosting Players: our opponents

                      This guys feeding game from start till end.
                      And at 55:57 they buy rapier and carried on base of the opponent


                      • Match ID: 721103042
                        Feeding player: )))
                        Boosted player: @Even
                        The Witch Doctor just walked under the dire tower and stand there so clinkz can kill him. It happened about 15-16 times i'm not sure. The first attempts he did nothing with witch doctor but for the next attempts he stunned clinkz by witch doctor so players don't get suspicious.




                          This player has 5000 fucking mmr with 20 games played and 46% win rate. He picks a jungler and just afks the jungle. He is fucking tanking the account on purpose.