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5 min reconnect is to low

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  • 5 min reconnect is to low

    I am now in an infinite loop of low priority becouse of the 5 min recconect. My computer crash when I play Dota and only Dota and guys didnt wait me and game put me on low priority. Now I cant get out of it becouse in those 5 games I got at least 1 crash and nobody wait anybody at all especially in low priority and I am in infinite loop of 5 games low priority becouse of this. It took me 7 minutes to get back to game from a crash and i play like 15 games already got to 1 game and than crash and im back to 5 again. I dont even want to play this game becouse of this. I cant get out of this uter crap of low prior only becouse of this 5 min. Not everybody got SSD or money to buy new computer. I know nobody give a crap and nothing will change but I just want to say that. 5 min recconect is uter crap for ppl. with computers that dont get into game in time.

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    So u want 9 players to wait every game for you like 7-10 mins because you´re playing with a shitty pc?


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      You are not very smart I see nor your mathematic is your best side. Try again.


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        Play against bots and stop ruining other people's game because you have shitty pc. You're not the center of the universe despite what your parents probably told you.


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          Originally posted by Goran View Post
          You are not very smart I see nor your mathematic is your best side. Try again.
          easy maths for me... 9 is higher than 1


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            What Jigglypuffz said. Yeah let's change the whole game so few people with tech problems won't have problem. And wtf are you saying about ssd. I got a shitty lapotp of 400 euro with intel graphics and 1.80 proccesor and it never takes me more that 5 minutes to reconect. +you got some pauses in some cases
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              1. You don't get low priority from one abandon.
              2. It was your machine's fault, your problem.
              3. 5 mins is more than enough if you don't have some old PC.


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                And ppl. wander why community in Dota is terrible. Now we know. I rest my case.


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                  I guess they don't "wander" anymore cause you showed how ignorant and selfish some people like you are
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                    Originally posted by Goran View Post
                    And ppl. wander why community in Dota is terrible. Now we know. I rest my case.
                    'Is given 5 minutes' wants to take about 10? lol... You're just selfish 5 minutes is alot and enough time. Call your ISP up and if it's your PC build a new one. I had the same prob when I started playing. But I knew where to aim my gun loaded with insults.

                    It's funny as well cause no one has brought up whether they have an SSD or not. I don't. I can't afford one either for my PC build. 'Not everybody got SSD or money to buy new computer' running dota2 barely takes anything. I played on my laptop I set everything to minimal, was mostly my internet though. Neways. Don't act like you're the only one that has some sort of struggle. I saved up a whole year to build a pc.

                    As far as internet goes victims of circumstance and environment abound. My ISP does well enough that I can play on my nearest server with a very nice tolerable connection. Anything other then that and I should expect atleast 200-300 ms worth of lag. It takes skill to learn to compensate for it.

                    Lots of people before you have ended up in Low-P whether it's pc or internet. It's not something worth crying about. 5 minutes suffices.


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                      Closing this since everyone is just flaming OP and this really has nothing to do with development anyways.

                      OP: You need to build a new computer. Technology continues to grow and it grows at an incredibly fast pace. You simply cannot expect games to cater to low-end, old PCs anymore. Until then you will have to either get used to playing in LPQ or stop playing altogether until you have a stable internet connection and/or better computer.
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