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You're joking, right?

This topic is closed.
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  • You're joking, right?
    Not only was this thread closed on the community forums, but also the other post "US East Invasion" in this forum was also closed topic.

    Well, you know what? I don't even care. Ban me, do whatever you will, Mods. This is well known, automatically ignored, and the closed threads are just showing how much interest you have in doing anything about it. None. Enjoy the money loss.

  • #2
    You do realize that all that you are complaining about stuff that is LIKELY what YOU do?
    You complain about Spanish speakers abusing english speakers.....HAAHAHAHHAHAHA
    You complain about russians being dicks to english speakers
    Again X)

    Abusers in games tend to be 14 year old racist trolls...I DO have seen russians and spanish speakers abusing americans in DotA....but its 1 of every 200 times I see an american (or group of them) abusing a russian or an spanish speaker.

    And you even threaten and blackmail them! "Ill start a petition against Valve unless im contacted within 48 hours by a Valve employee!"....Well...there you go,you got your reply. POST CLOSED. Go and create your petition.

    With that attitude I cant see you being a good influence or player in ANY team game. So yeah by all means. Go open your petition (You wont get more than 20 signatures…MAYBE 50 which is nothing)...You are doing the community a favor by abandoning DotA
    Make a NON automated report system.
    I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
    Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
    The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters


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      But the Op is somewhat right, altough a bit a of a drama queen of sorts, but still right, the ammount of East EU players plaging other servers is well known, i play in EU West and US East now and then and i cant rembember the time i hadn't had one such player on the team, worst now and then its a real wave of them.

      Now saying the comunity split would be bad is also wrong ,and whoever assumes this is bonkers, look at WG for instance, Russian Server, EU server NA server, China Server, guess what, they make a load of money and everyone is more or less happy ( you cant please people 100% ).

      Imo Valve needs or could contemplate some new servers, lets say a 2nd RU server and one for the Arab regions or North Africa to serve the lands around Turkey, it wouldnt solve all problems but it sure would help the regions that are always complaining about the said players by giving them a server closer to their locations .


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        Originally posted by astelan View Post
        Imo Valve needs or could contemplate some new servers
        Or you know, actually put the russian server in Russia. Of course they're gonna play on eu west if they get better ping than on the russian one.


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          Originally posted by Jigglypuffz View Post
          Or you know, actually put the russian server in Russia. Of course they're gonna play on eu west if they get better ping than on the russian one.
          Give them 2 servers, one will never solve the problem, the same has having Afegans and Iraquis on EU West... even the SEA regions have their own servers, South Africa, why not give the Russians and the Arab regions their own servers just , ( a shocking statement comes ) , to serve them better?!