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Unranked MMR decaying over time? Quit playing for 6 months, now in wood league

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  • Unranked MMR decaying over time? Quit playing for 6 months, now in wood league

    So I quit playing Dota for 6 months, and was hardly playing before that. Most of my time spent was in beta and up until TI3.

    I come back and I get the sort of players I'd expect to find if I played on a new account with 0 wins.

    My first games I won 5, lost 2, and was massively outclassing everyone in the match in the non AD games. (name: moe girls have problems too)

    Then I start getting even worse allies. Lots of people with <50 games played(I have 2k played), lots of people who are muted, intentionally feeding. Like this one, where I'm the most farmed of the team on Tuskar who was 1v2 laned. Ursa was jungling, and didn't get anything. And this one, where 2 people kept intentionally feeding Sniper. Our tiny had an easy 1v1 lane and got no items. This was a 5v4, the Lina DC'd at the start, and it felt like I was playing it 1v4.

    Does unranked MMR decay, and I've dropped down to first starting ranking by not playing for 6 months?

    Or is it so inflationary, algorithm changed, starting MMR changed, that people that bad are the hidden MMR of what I used to be?

    It's really frustrating. Feels like I'm going to have to play 100 matches of SF or Storm mid in order to get back where I was.
    I used to generally get a few people around my skill level every now and then. But of the 14 matches I've played since returning, no one has been remotely close and it's really unfun.

  • #2
    Not only unranked, ranked too, since it's the same fake algorithm. Lots of people muted, intentionally feeding, noobs everywhere. Enjoy dota 2.
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      what you played are captains draft games. less people play that mode and most of the time, players who play such modes do not have experience of playing the heroes drafted.
      the purpose of the said game mode is not 100% balance since there is randomness(including available heroes etc). if you want a quite balanced game mode, i advice that you play captains mode(though there may still be stomps, once you are stomped most of the time you just keep on dying and you cannot blame anyone)

      remember that it is just a game, stay calm and enjoy the game


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        Why is it queuing in like <4 minutes, but putting me with 7-9/10 people that have less than 100 games played?

        I could understand if it took 15 minutes to search, but it's not.

        I like Captain's Draft. :/

        Since the MMR is (presumably) spread so much, the loss count less, right?


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          Your opponents had >500 though, can't check your team so idk ..
          Originally posted by 8-ball
          You mean ppl who went to china and won countless tourneys? who won 3 out of 4 internationals? I guess everyone can see your point, indeed.


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            Originally posted by lemonwings View Post
            Your opponents had >500 though, can't check your team so idk ..
            Hm well one game I checked their dota profiles, and one of my allies appeared to have over 2k, 3 of them under 100, and all the enemies seemed to have under 100. I'm just judging by them having no items and 0-1 commends, though.. since it's hidden.

            Seems like this "hidden profile" stuff is just an excuse to have awful matchmaking.
            The matchmaking used to be pretty good. I'd rather wait 15 minutes than be queued with people that've played <100 games.
            It's either I get 6 slotted in 45 minutes and stomp, carrying people who may as well be bots, or my teamates are intentionally feeding or don't know how to play. I don't want to have to play AP to get decent matchmaking.