Alright, seriously. Are those goals for real?
Goal#14: that should be on the compendium already, not on the stretch goals
Goal#15: who cares? some heroes actually need an update but do we have to "reach a goal" to receive it?
Goal#16: same as 14. should be part of the compendium we already bought.
Goal#17: we all know which heroes need an update on their model. Sf looks terrible, zeus needs it for sure, bananamancer received one recently he is so-so now, slardar, viper and all those heroes that came through early beta
Goal#18: I dont even know whats that but 8.4m dollars for it sounds crazy
Goal#19: Ye sure, you should just fucking throw a little event with a couple of games and then fuck those that could not attend. Why would you want to stream all the fun.
Goal#20: updated creep models has been suggested before and if im not wrong the ones dota is using right now were submitted by an individual
Goal#21: could not care any less. That should go in the game anyway to make people learn more heroes and not stick with those they are comfortable with
Goal#22: no idea whats that and why i would like to listen to myself screaming MOSTER KIIIIIILLLLLLLL or whatever.

those goals are a joke, just how the previous goals were. You were asking us what hero should receive the next arcana, like this has to be a stretch goal. You were just curious to find out where the majority of customers (since they purchased a compendium they are for sure customers and not just randoms) would put their money on. Or maybe the 1v1 mode/DM that would come to the game sooner or later. Seriously, that must be a joke