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Vote to change compendium goals!

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  • Vote to change compendium goals!

    Alright, seriously. Are those goals for real?
    Goal#14: that should be on the compendium already, not on the stretch goals
    Goal#15: who cares? some heroes actually need an update but do we have to "reach a goal" to receive it?
    Goal#16: same as 14. should be part of the compendium we already bought.
    Goal#17: we all know which heroes need an update on their model. Sf looks terrible, zeus needs it for sure, bananamancer received one recently he is so-so now, slardar, viper and all those heroes that came through early beta
    Goal#18: I dont even know whats that but 8.4m dollars for it sounds crazy
    Goal#19: Ye sure, you should just fucking throw a little event with a couple of games and then fuck those that could not attend. Why would you want to stream all the fun.
    Goal#20: updated creep models has been suggested before and if im not wrong the ones dota is using right now were submitted by an individual
    Goal#21: could not care any less. That should go in the game anyway to make people learn more heroes and not stick with those they are comfortable with
    Goal#22: no idea whats that and why i would like to listen to myself screaming MOSTER KIIIIIILLLLLLLL or whatever.

    those goals are a joke, just how the previous goals were. You were asking us what hero should receive the next arcana, like this has to be a stretch goal. You were just curious to find out where the majority of customers (since they purchased a compendium they are for sure customers and not just randoms) would put their money on. Or maybe the 1v1 mode/DM that would come to the game sooner or later. Seriously, that must be a joke
    I dont really care.

  • #2
    i dont like these goal either

    800,000 for 25 point ? i dont get it someone explain .
    hero remake ? wut ? u are not going to polish old heroes ?

    I thought some kind of special goals are coming !
    Last edited by joker; 05-20-2014, 04:33 PM.


    • #3
      I am disappointed with these new goals as well. It's as if Valve is trying to get ppl to not spend any more money.

      p.s. Change title to "New strech goals" if possible.


      • #4
        Originally posted by joker View Post
        i dont like these goald either

        800,000 for 25 point ? i dont get it someone explain .
        hero remake ? wut ? u are not going to polish old heroes ?

        I thought some kind of special goals are coming !
        25 points/day

        But i totally agree to the polish parts. Some things on that list are pretty nice, tbh


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          Where is my immortals, volvo?
          つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


          • #6
            Old heroes and neutral creeps with shit models still in the game? Give us 24 million dollars and we'll update one of them! (keep in mind only 1/4 of the money you spend on a compendium actually goes toward the stretch goals)

            Fuck you Valve, seriously. Trying to squeeze money out of every single corner of this game you can. What is the point of a free to play game if you start charging people money if they want to see it updated?


            • #7
              i understand that all this "goals" are just brainfuck, but 1v1 mod is a huge step in right direction! i like it


              • #8
                If I had to rate every single goal, out of the new goals:

                #19 THE ONLY ONE I would only give 10/10 to
                #20 upgraded creeps nice feature, would be a 9/10
                #15 is pretty good, lets give lo a new voice 8/10
                #17 is meh... it would be like twitchplayspokemon, art is subjective. imo the ONLY bad models are Medusa and Leshrac 5/10

                Every other new goal is pretty bad below 5/10 and not something to be excited about. Even The Summit has better stretch goals

                Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


                • #9
                  Alright, let me name couple of goals since a multi-million company like valve (based on this Newell worths 1.3 billion dollars and gratz to him but thats not the point of the thread) is using even psychologists to know beforehand how customers would react on anything but does not know what the customers want.

                  Highest goal: Every single day a developer posts on the forum about a single bug that he fixed that day. I dont care if its a minor one, if its a tree missing or whatever. Just that a bug got fixed. I received my d2 key on Nov 2011 and up to this point we encounter the same bugs day by day by day. If they were fixing one bug per day the huge list that lays on the gameplay bugs section would include like 5-10 now.

                  Average goal: After the International we receive heroes that have not been ported from d1 yet, every second week. This is how they used to work, I dont really see why they slow down now, especially now that community gets a lot bigger.

                  Low level goal: Vote on which hero we want next either from the missing ones or a new one that will be delivered by the end of the qualifiers.

                  Personally I did not believe we (there is a reason "we" is bold) would hit even the 4.5m goal. We reached the 3.5 quite fast but after that everything slowed down. I dont think we will ever hit the highest goal but just put it up there, make us believe that you want to work for the community
                  Last edited by SabotaZ; 05-20-2014, 04:59 PM.


                  • #10
                    also, since all new stretch goals are at +400,000, why is the first new one at +800,000? seems like a huge leap to me.


                    • #11
                      i am very sad that i didn't buy the compendium so i did NOT support the teams, but i won't give a single cent until goblin techies is released. i don't even understand how is it possible after many years of "game development" miss a core hero...


                      • #12
                        Extremely lame goals; esp as goals beyond $6M. LAME.


                        • #13
                          these new goals just suck ass. Do new ones. Do the creep thingie for 6.4 which might be realistic.
                          sigpic <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
                          Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
                          Need some incentive to start a match of dota?
                          Originally posted by DarkLite
                          Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
                          No statistics will be recorded.


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                            Originally posted by arsoniac View Post
                            also, since all new stretch goals are at +400,000, why is the first new one at +800,000? seems like a huge leap to me.
                            because some one made a blunder there is meant to be a goal at 6.4 for the multikill banner and 18 is an upgrade for it.


                            • #15
                              Terrible stretch goals... You're reverting to pre diretide volvo.. pls don't do that valve..