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  • Question

    Is the only argument against region locking, or just plain opting out of playing with people out of region really just racism and "muh social jusitice"? I'm not even white, I speak spanish and english fluently and I would still rather play with people from my own country who speak my first language.

    The second argument is "splitting the community" if you're a pro gamer and you want to develop a sense of tactics and playstyle from around the world, why not just opt in to being able to be matched up against out of region players? Or better yet why not just put a big fat "International" region option since that's the tag line of the most prominent tournament in the community? Heck, you could even add a 3rd "International" MMR for all the global epeens to be waved around!

    Just please... I've had enough, I love dota, I loved it back in the warcraft III days in high school and I love it now. I love international teams and watching the best of the best from around the world play against each other. But I just can't continue playing if the community is going to be filled with people screaming and flaming at you in a foreign language you don't even understand. Every time I'm in a game like this which has gotten ridiculously more often in recent months, I don't feel like I'm a part of any community. I honestly just straight up feel like I shouldn't be playing this game at all. It's almost like I've stumbled into a room where I'm clearly not wanted and shouldn't be in.

  • #2
    The only thing Valve gives a shit about is their esports. Don't get me wrong, I love the esports, but I'd love a FUNCTIONING GAME more than them. Fix the damned matchmaking, fix the damned language settings, bring back the solo que option, and balance the heroes that need it. Stop wasting time on promotional stuff when the GAME itself is faulty.