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Who loves getting 168 hour chat ban??

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  • Who loves getting 168 hour chat ban??

    I do! Everybody cheer for me !

    Let me know how many times you've been chat banned, and how many Mexican bean rats / Peruvians you've yelled / been racist towards.

    GG valvo

  • #2
    Only 1 time for a few hours as this system was implemented into the game :P

    Edit: GG :P
    Last edited by FreeFrag; 05-27-2014, 01:45 AM. Reason: Saying GG is not optional


    • #3
      me.... i got 168 chat ban 4 times in a row! community really loves me!
      Infested and Proud.


      • #4
        Who needs to communicate in this game anyway? Valve uses an FPS engine for this game, which means this is an FPS! UNDENIABLE LOGIC


        • #5
          you probally deserved it, enjoy


          • #6
            never gotten then 168h ban, but have gotten 48h and it have always come after i made a bad game never from insulting people or harrassing them.

            Live long and prosper //insanisane


            • #7
              I never recieved any chat bans. Maybe not being a dick is a good strategy.
              Possible solution to foreigners issue
              In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.


              • #8
                24h twice, 48h twice, 168h once, all during this bug. I only flame on weekends, when no one has reports left.
                Originally posted by Crowfeather
                The average mmr in the 3.4k is lower than the average mmr in the 3.5k .
                Originally posted by Legdotus
                in the middle of my game, I go to the menu, and watch a friend's game. That makes no sense to me.
                Originally posted by twl04046
                Sometimes the zeus ulti suddenly activated and it really scared me...


                • #9
                  now i'm burning for vengeance and i will report all of you one day or another!!!
                  Infested and Proud.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Qutush View Post
                    now i'm burning for vengeance and i will report all of you one day or another!!!
                    This is why the mute system exists after all. Vengeance.


                    • #11
                      Closing it since mute punishment complains should go here

                      Originally posted by Phil;1083581

                      Let me know how many times you've been chat banned, [B
                      and how many Mexican bean rats / Peruvians you've yelled / been racist towards[/B].
                      Serves you right i might add.
                      If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.