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Improving rmm suggestion

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  • Improving rmm suggestion

    The current rmm system should definetely be reworked to the system used in almost every other competitive game(classic ladder).Everyone need to start from same rate(lets say zero) not the current "determining" matches.Example: you had a luck/abuse/buy to win all the determining matches, get high rating, going to the pool of pro players, but with no very much skill itself you ruining the games and get much hate from them.Second, lets say no luck or bad teams, you get a low rate of about 1-2k, no matter the skill(as an average player, im not saying about a pro able to make huge loseless streak) you just will never get out from that pool, no room for ladder-based improvement.
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    Your Ranked MMR is not a result of the "determining" matches as you call them.

    It's based on your (hidden) unranked MMR at the point in time when you play your first ranked match. The "determining" matches (where your rating is shown as TBD) only adjust that starting value to a certain degree, trying to place you correctly in the Ranked MMR.
    That is necessary because unranked and ranked MMR are not identical because the population of both is different, so it's not really comparable (e.g. an unranked MMR of 3000 is not the same as an MMR of 3000 in ranked.)


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      Ok, i musundestood some things.But its not changing the fact that the current system is bad, its unright that your rating should be based on your past sucesses/failures before intro of rmm.Everyone should start from the same point in the ranked career and prove your current skill, which is now, not past.


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        and you start from same hidden mmr as everyone else when you a start a new account.

        So basically, if you stop playing unranked, playing rmm will just after 10 games, show your hidden mmr, and continu it

        Edit you are true on the fact rmm and urmm are a bit different, and skill doesn't match each other, but that's also the case between eu and us server, but they aren't unallowed to play on each other.

        Anyway, especially around 3k mmr, the difference aren't that big, so it's negligeable. You know, if 3000 mmr in ranked = 3200 mmr in unranked, you are just in the good place, as you can consider having +200 -200 (mb even a little more) to your true mmr being totally normal

        (statistics statistics ....)
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          Your past mistakes are not reflected, as you improve from being bad your hidden MMR improves with it and you should go into RMM with an MMR closer to what you improved to. When you start RMM, you have a chance to increase or decrease your MMR by much greater values (+/- 700 MMR). Which, if you have really improved, should bring you up much closer to your true rating. Your rating is based on how well you play, it is not the system's fault that you ended up in 1-2k. If you really think you are better than that, go make a new acc and recalibrate, but the likelyhood of you getting about 2.5k is very low if you have trouble getting out of 1-2k. And any "average" player would have ease getting back to about 3k (because the average player should be around 3k)


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            Well, i totally misunderstood many things.New account is not a way for me, aswell as for many players, but thats another question.

            Heh, some after i posted that a new acc isnt a solution some other guy appeared in the near thread, u can go there if u feel the same
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