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Awful community and a bad game feature to follow it up

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  • Awful community and a bad game feature to follow it up

    So i played some games. Cool someone who plays a lot of dota at a high skill level (at least thats what my games are rated on dotabuff was 4kmmr) I like this game, never play ranked. But i got into it about 3 weeks ago, and ya it is more competitive people want to win and get higher mmr. But howcome two out of the first four games i played today, which were all losses btw, people abandoned. I played veno, a hero who cannot win a game by himself. I get 5/2/5 when our team had 12 kills. thats a high kill participation right, i tried my best, but our mid died. wasnt even doing bad, and instantly abandoned. there goes my team. Im stuck with losing 50 mmr cuz my mid in one game and feeding offlane in another abandon? I dont even know these people. I even try helping them every game. It is so frustrating having people abandon, especially if u are supposed to rely on them late game they just say you didnt do a good enough job helping im going to abandon. that means if i want to get to where i was this morning, i have to paly 5 games, thats about 4 hours, and win them all, without some stupid fucking assholes.

    So tell me why the fuck I have to lose 25 MMR when someone abandons? No people wont go "Hey ill take the abandon so u guys dont lose any mmr" if u change it, want to know why? The community is horrible, no one likes eachother, racist slurs everywhere. People typing in death threats over a game?

    So why the fuck isnt it you only lose half mmr if someone abandons? Why not make it so if you play the whole game you only lose half?
    That would result in half the complaining, and half the games it takes for your somewhat normal players to get their mmr back after having someone DC

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    ty based volvo u blessed me with a tusk who sacraficed his life for mine and let me carry on my 65% kunkka winrate by stomping a game with me. You owe me one more total shit stomp. preferably two.


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      If you lose 4 games in a row and you are better than that MMR you will be able to get the points back easy.


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        At least you didn't get 9 Russians in the same game...
        Not even 1 English word all game!
        This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6