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Allow a recalibrate MMR option

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  • #16
    Originally posted by BroomallB View Post
    Even if that reset is optional with a 6 month cooldown?
    You either reset everyone and force everyone to recalibrate, or you recalibrate nobody. Those are the two options.


    • #17
      Originally posted by BroomallB View Post
      Even if that reset is optional with a 6 month cooldown?
      Oh yes, even a single, optional reset would fuck up a large portion of the system, mostly the lower portion of it. If they implemented it well, it will only mess up the system for a few months (but assuming they do it well means they basically have to revise the entire system currently in place, which if they did would do more for the system than giving you the option to reset once). If they just gave you the option now, to reset once, the system would be even more fucked up than it currently is for probably the next 1.5 years for all players. And you want to be able to reset multiple times? Please no.

      And I am not sure why you want to reset in the first place other than to fuck the system more than it already is fucked. If you are better than you think you are, why don't you play a stompy-hero and just increase MMR normally? Play huskar or bs and easy wins.d


      • #18
        Originally posted by auygurbalik View Post
        You are right about minimum req. for ranked games may/should be increased.
        Valve took your suggestion to heart, and lowered the minimum requirement for ranked to 35 Games.


        • #19
          I have no problem making a new account. I've done it twice and get 3100 mmr, my main accont has 1600+ hours and 1300 mmr. It is impossible to get out of without playing heroes i dont like.

          The biggest problem with making a new account is, you have to play a ton of games in non-ranked, which has a terrible algorithm compared to the ranked one. Solo queuing in non-ranked 99% of the time you get 4-5 stacks on both teams and people seem to be of much higher skill than 3k.

          Whereas in ranked, when you queue solo, its 99% of the time 10 solos in the game. I don't get why they dont apply that matchmaking to normal as well.

          I suppose its not limited to making new accounts either, if someone doesn't want to play ranked or with stacks, then they will 99% of the time get queued with a 4 stack of retards on their team, and a 5 stack on the enemy team without fail.
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          • #20
            Listen guys, the reason there isn't a recalibration option is because one; abuse (pay russian boosters to get you high mmr) and second; you'll ruin a couple of games.
            Imagine the disaster as people play ranked to get real 5k mmr players in their 2k mmr bracket games or having some lucky guy get put in a 5k mmr match and ruin it for the other players.

            The reason why you could do it in Starcraft was because you risked lowering your elo (bracket) and if you got higher through abuse you would get totally wiped out as you can not compete with the real APM pros there with their tactics. You don't "learn" by playing against pros in Starcraft. They only have themselves and their skill, it would be like watching a sniper shooting off your toes and you "learning" from that.

            The real solution is getting good.
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            • #21
              It is so retardedly easy to win 2k MMR games if you are half decent. Even 4v5.


              • #22
                Kinda neutral on this. While it makes sense that people should just be able to change mmr by playing (you belong where you are arguments) etc...

                There is also the reality that it has never been easier to make a new account and effectively re calibrate.

                Would it not be better to regulate players wanting to re calibrate by allowing them to do so on old accounts but restricting the change in mmr they can have by say 500?


                • #23
                  why not reset MMR? and put ALL players to start at 3k MMR.
                  that would be stop smurfing, and mmr abuses.

                  ps: if you are a decent person you are going to be back at 5k, if you sux you are going down.

                  CALIBRATION sux, support players always get lower MMR than carry players.


                  • #24
                    You said calibration is sux, but after reset feature all your games will be calibration. Maybe not you but others, every game you'll run into people that doesnt actually belong there and going towards their actual mmr...How can be good and balanced?