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Queue common language and inhouses

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  • Queue common language and inhouses

    A couple of methods to enhance the experience the regular player gets:

    The first point is easy to explain. You can queue with many possible language preferences. Through process of elimination, you might get queued with people who have only selected one language preference.

    Example: Players 1-9 queue with a setting "Russian + English", Player 10 queues with English.
    At the beginning of the game, announce that the common language of the game will be English.

    Example 2: Players 1-9 queue with a setting "Russian + English", Player 10 queues with Russian.
    At the beginning of the game, announce that the common language of the game will be Russian.

    I don't know how it goes in other cultures but at least around here, speaking anything but the common language when everyone can hear it, is considered rude. For example, I'd like to queue to the Russian server (= which is in Stockholm and consequently gives me the least lag) with English preference, yet get called out by some others for queueing on the server.

    The second issue
    has been gone through multiple times before, but please consider adding proper inhouse support. We had WC3 Dota inhouses for years, and they worked perfectly fine. Inhouses were born for a reason, and they existed through the times when bigger platforms like dotalicious existed, even with their skill ratings. Why? Because when you're getting closer to the top, the matchmaking system starts to throw all kinds of interesting games. You get >1K rating differences inside the game, because the game wants you to have "50% chance to win". End result is that some 7K-rated people get queued with 4.5K or below people, to make the "game" fair as in both sides have 50% chance to win. In the 7K players' eyes though, the game is only winnable if you go with some snowball hero and try to secure the win using every method that is applicable to the public games.

    People were willing to wait longer times for inhouse games. I do not believe that inhouses would cause some "unfair segregation", in fact it would cause less of it. Right now, if you're a full-time pro, you can organize your own scrims with the time available for you. The kind of hardcore (or even more casual) PuG environment that inhouses and leagues offered doesn't exist anymore in the matchmaking. I had to wait for +10 minutes for the game to pop up in an inhouse league, whereas I could've gotten a game on Dotalicious within minutes, but I didn't care because the quality of the games I'd get would more than make up for it. It meant less games which was unfortunate, but at least it didn't mean that I'd have to figure out 4 other players to play with straight away and start looking for scrims; the PuG environment was at least far more flexible in that regard. It was the gap-filler between "amateurs" and those who were actually playing for money.

    You could say that nothing prevents having an inhouse league in Dota 2, but in WC3 Dota we had fairly advanced tools to maintain the inhouse leagues with minimal effort required. Because of the lack of these tools, making an inhouse league takes far more effort and we cannot maintain them as easily as we used to. Inhouses could also offer far more friendly place to play in for the long-time players, because you were absolutely tied into your account and getting back in required more than some level 13 requirement. You'd play with the same people all the time so you actually had consequences for being a dick.

    Every other Valve game has an easy option for inhouse-like environment. Custom servers. I do not understand why the Guilds couldn't be expanded on this; the separate queues wouldn't increase server load and the issues at higher ratings are not really something you can solve on a completely open platform that always manages to max out it's search range before giving me a game.

    In order to prevent the "brain drain" from the higher rated games in the matchmaking, do it the cheap way and obtusfucate the rating into tiers like how Blizzard managed to do it. Just turn exact ratings into medallions or whatever and show those at the end of the game. The brain drain is already happening in form of smurfs, with inhouses we could direct it towards something more creative.