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Can I get my ranked MMR reset?

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    I have 4.2k mmr ( started from 3600 ), and when i reached 4k, i expected i'll play some better games, and actually, i've played some better games, but it's almost the same as on 3.5k mmr. People still running around, not knowing what are their spells and how some spells / items work. Yesterday some Phoenix player asked " why i lose health every time i cast my second spell " ... So, mmr says nothing about your skill. If you're lucky, your morons will be better than opponent's team morons.


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      Yep, that's the gist of it. Doesn't get much better till like 4.8k mmr
      Volvo, how the fk are we supposed to stick by the rules and not get reported if those rules are different for everyone and there is no one controlling at all why people are reporting someone? Either implement oversight or remove your utterly broken and useless report system


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        Well, losing streaks happen. Ya know. It happens to me, it happens to Sheever, TobiWan, even Dendi. No one is an absolute God at DoTA.
        A man is walking down the street, he walks past a car and what does he see on the back-seat of the car: a BRICK, he pulls out his BRICK throws it through the window, picks up the other BRICK and runs away. Today's thieves: They will steal anything.


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          I played on my friends 2.2k account and got it up to 2.9k with 0 losses and went 30+ kills with less than 5 deaths each game. Carried each 1v5, explanation? I'm 5.5k and know how easy it is, so therefore you saying you're "already better at the game" is wrong. You belong in the bracket you are in if you cannot get out of it. I can 1v5 most games up to 4k~ mmr as invoker. In my opinion, dota is not a team game until 5k~ mmr where people aren't stupid enough to let you 1v5 the game. If you were good you'd climb


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            Originally posted by Defirence View Post
            Well, losing streaks happen. Ya know. It happens to me, it happens to Sheever, TobiWan, even Dendi. No one is an absolute God at DoTA.
            Well, it's not about losing streak. I don't mind when i lose good game, where both teams played well. I mind when i lose cause of one player who decided to feed or get mad at something and goes in the wood to farm til the game is over.. on 4k+ mmr...