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Users help other users- stack together for faster lpq games- READ! Dota Channel = LPQ

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  • Users help other users- stack together for faster lpq games- READ! Dota Channel = LPQ

    So seeing how we recently clearly have a broken report system with the LPQ and its unlikely that Devs will adress it in the near future and arent communicating at all about it, I think the only way to help each other is to help ourselves.

    The idea is following:

    The users can stack with each other for bot games to get rid of lpq punishment. The goal is to keep the games around 15 minutes and not much longer.

    If you want to stack with others to get rid of lpq, go to Dota channel: LPQ

    From there you can ask around, or if you are muted just add the ppl who are in those channels in Steam and ask them if they are available for some LPQ bot games.

    I will be available in like 15 mins and I am already in the channel LPQ and the only person so far.

    There are rules though- you pick a push Hero, you dont afk farm with Necro etc. and you help END the game at exactly 15 mins. If you dont- you receive a collective report from the stack and get thrown out of the stack, for ever..

    Feel free to PM me here and to ask me If I am available for LPQ games.

    Also feel free to post it on Reddit too and invite your friends etc.

    Again the only intent of this thread is to Help each other out. Help from users to other users. My stance is- I give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless proven that the person deserves the lpq games really hard, then I will not invite you.

    Having said all that- it is possible that some trolls will join this thread and try to derail it, etc. Just dont argue with anyone. This thread and the first post serves for information only. I am not interested in personal oppinions and will not be replying to anything.

    But feel free to PM me about stacking for bot games in Dota2. Or just join the channel: LPQ in Dota and ask around.

    Have nice holidays mates.

    @Admins- I am sure you have noticed many new users registering on this forum in the last days and complain about lpq punishment. And Im sure you are aware that we have some issues with the reporting system, similar to 7-8 months ago, where ppl could have 40 report points and many Pro players and Civil Streamers like Wagamama got chat banned on regular. My plea to you is- just dont close this thread, keep it clean and let users who wanna help other users actually HELP each other. It is not against the rules to stack with each other for low prio bot games, unless a Valve dev announces it. Then I will just accept it that its not allowed.

    Edit: ok Ive linked the thread to Reddit myself.
    Last edited by Santigold; 12-24-2014, 07:49 AM.

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    Great initiative! I envy you! Great job!

    I am going to sig this, so more people can see it!


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      im in a stack of 2 atm, if you wanna join right now-> pm here or join channel LPQ. We are playing 15-17 min games on average.

      gl hf merry xtina