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All I ask is to be placed with players with similar report/commend/abandon rate as me

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  • All I ask is to be placed with players with similar report/commend/abandon rate as me

    This is a straight customer service issue.
    That's me, I ain't even mad about the win rate or mmr. This is my first MOBA and I don't plan on turning pro any time soon. Load up everything I've ever typed into chat and word search "commend me," you won't find it (unless I was being ironic)
    That's the smurf who I got stuck with who abandoned. Troll face for pic, classic.

    My concern is, and I know this sounds really conceited, but what did he do to EARN the right to play with me? What did I do to deserve to be stuck with him? I have practically no abandons, I have never spent a minute in low priority, I am sure I have been reported at times for having bad games like anyone in the trench, I have been muted exactly once in 2k games and I won't say I didn't earn it, but I don't see the reasoning here. This is a string of 10 or so games where I get players who I've had to mute or report. That is another thing, when I report someone, I almost always get that report back since I don't waste them on reported for picking techies/having a bad game/not speaking english type crap, only when someone straight feeds, goes afk long swathes of the game, or is seriously abusive on the mic/chat/pings.

    Let's say these 10 equally skilled players get matched, players 1-10, 10 being a player who has tons of commends and never abandons, 9 slightly less, down to 5 and 6 who get average ratings/abandon rate/commend rate, all the way to number 1 who is a guy who abandons constantly, has tons of reports, can't spend 1 day outside of low prio etc.
    These 10 players get put in a match, this is what I feel the distribution is:
    team 1 team 2
    10 ---- 4
    1 ---- 6
    2 ---- 7
    3 ---- 8
    5 ---- 9

    In other words I really feel like all those commends just curse me to be stuck with the worst of the worst, thinking that will balance the game somehow.

    Even if it were theoretically "balanced" like this:
    10 ---- 9
    1 ---- 2
    4 ---- 3
    5 ---- 8
    7 ---- 6

    That would be a great distribution for true skill, but not for players who ruin games with their behavior. Let's say a couple goes to a restaurant constantly, all the patrons know them, they are friendly, never cause a problem. Another couple comes in a lot too but they are constantly getting drunk, are always loud and annoy the other patrons, have been kicked out a few times, have passed bad checks, but the owner needs their business so he doesn't ban them completely. They both walk in at the same time, and there is 1 table left, who does the owner give that table to? Really, that distribution should look like this:

    team 1 team 2
    1 ---- 6
    2 ---- 7
    3 ---- 8
    4 ---- 9
    5 ---- 10

    That is fair as far as griefing/being a complete dbag is concerned. I would have no problem being matched against players with my commend/star/abandon rate whatsoever, people who feed/abandon etc. shouldn't have an issue with it either