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  • ranked mm

    Прошу дать возможность перекалибровать свой ммр!
    Уже задолбали инвалиды на лоу ммре, покупные аккаунты и просто рукожопые люди! У меня 3300 было 2200, я создал новый акк и сделал там 4700 ммра поиграл там месяц, после чего вернулся на старый и решил поднять свой аккаунт!
    Медуза на 20ой минуте покупает мидас, но 50 скади, за что мне такие инвалиды в тиму? Если я не тащу, то я проигрываю, тиммэйты фидят 0\15 каждую катку, я потею и всё напрасно! ПОЧЕМУ СО МНОЙ ТАК? ПОЧЕМУ НЕ С ДРУГИМИ?
    Я в доту уже играть не хочу, в пабе 2к, в рейте инвалиды, как не тащи рейтинг не подымается! Вернулся на старый акк сразу 22 победы подрять сделал, на 2200 играют лучше чем на 3400!
    Прошу дайте возможность перекалибровать аккаунт!

  • #2
    Dear russian,

    This forum is an INTERNATIONAL forum. That means, nations across the world come here and discuss stuff using ENGLISH since no one would understand shit if everyone would talk in his native tongue. That being said, if you want others to acknowledge you or take notice of your complaint, make sure you have the common sense to write in a language EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND.


    • #3
      it bothers me that the title isnt in russian


      • #4
        He wants MMR recalibration, for short.
        Possible solution to foreigners issue
        In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.


        • #5
          Well I don't think that is going to happen since a lot of angry people will bitch about it. Besides, what good will it do? It's only going to be "legit" a few months, but the core MMR system is the same so it will fuck itself up over and over again if they don't change it.


          • #6
            give me opportunity recalibration mmr plsss


            • #7
              Negative winrate?

              No recalibration for you, you belong even lower actually.
              Threads I think are useful to read:

              Just another day on EU servers.

              ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE BETTER PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


              • #8
                this is an old account, I picked up 2% winrate in 3 weeks


                • #9
                  Who cares lol?...

                  The MMR system itself sucks so hard that reading some personal complaints like these are making me laugh and cry at the same time...


                  • #10
                    Its quite simple actually Valve did a shit game while RIOT is actually hearing the people.

                    Valve hasnt team / developers its just a bunch of kids that like games more than they do coding it and when they do they do as they fell like.

                    Icefrog should have stayed in Dota 1 and made some type of contract with Blizzard not this low game Valve.

                    MMR Sucks as well - they made a team game were to win you need other 4 brained players and yet they just base the score on your Win / Lose Rate -- Ridiculous, you can do your proper Last hits, play formidable, do decent pushs and support and yet you will score -25 cuz you have 4 zombies in team. Worst than that once you reach 2.8k mmr or lower you are done - go and create another account cuz solo playing you wont get anywhere.

                    That said i have 2.5k mmr on solo while having 3.8k on team - Valve logics at his best.

                    Thank you Valve for sucking this much and ruin one of my favourite games! All its rest to do is wait till someone got fired, dota lose interest and they start recruiting people with better ideas or people that actually listen. Meanwhile grab a team and do some fun games and fuck Solo MMR.

                    'nough said.

                    Your Anime's Portal V1.0


                    • #11
                      That said i have 2.5k mmr on solo while having 3.8k on team - Valve logics at his best.
                      That's because you're getting carried in team ranked by your friends.


                      • #12
                        Good lord Haste arent you the new Einstein that or you are another retarded player that a lot of people have to play with cuz valve says so -- suck it hard.

                        Your Anime's Portal V1.0


                        • #13
                          I mean, you're at 2k mmr, and I'm pretty sure one has to intentionally ruin every game he joins in order to be below 3k. A monkey could get to 3k. A MONKEY.


                          • #14
                            You could be a valve developer -- rofl. They must think retarded like you -- One can carry the team and win the game alone. Did i said i lose every game ? no but i lose most of them the points u win and lose are the same but the ratio on 3K or less to lose is MUCH HIGHER. Aren't you the einstein of century XXII congratulations!! your logic "kills" me

                            Your Anime's Portal V1.0


                            • #15
                              century XXII
                              We're still in 21st century. I can see why you're a 2k player now.