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mmr cheating report (aus server)

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  • mmr cheating report (aus server)

    for people that dont know what sandboxing is, it is a serious known problem in the oceanic servers due to the low player base and the ease to match against your friends. It is a form of mmr cheating where u place your friend on the other team and make him throw the game to make it practically a easy win for yourself.
    the players i want to bring attention is the storm and qop of this game:
    the storm was just obnoxious to begin with, picking mid when our 5.3k already picked mid. We honestly screwed our lanes and picks because of him but we managed to somehow maintain a slight comeback. It was not until about 30 min until we noticed he was VERY suspicious dispite his ok score. He purposely misused his skillset in order to let the key heroes (qop/spec) survive in key moments, for example, he would not use his pull while qop/spec was tping on low hp. Honestly our team just thought he was bizarrely bad but we expectly alot more for a 5k mmr average game. My suspicions were alarmed when he suddenly tped top without saying anything and started farming (he had 15k gold and 6 slotted) when we won a team fight and was about to push, obviously the other team had this information (because qop is storms friend) and always took advantage of it, not to mention qop had info of when we did rosh
    we eventually lost the game due to the fact storm refused to push ever and continued farming dispite having 6 slot and 15k gold
    We fought extremely hard with major disadvantages. I just thought the storm was angry at our team or something but what he was doing was too much(despite not talking at all). Even a angry player would try to win the game if we were making a comeback from major disadvantages.
    i did a bit of research and found they have been matched repeatly against each other (troll qop) (troll ck) (storm wr) 1423798984 (qop axe) same team
    they are playing against each other as i was writing this message
    this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened
    i hope with the help of reddit/valve we can do something, i am just very sad atm...i feel like quitting dota for good
    help get these guys banned, thank you