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When just one 'report' is not enough.

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  • When just one 'report' is not enough.

    Match ID:1665980229
    Player: NO NAME JUST KillinG

    Sometimes you feel like just reporting some toxic player is not enough. This is not post made out of rage. The game was yesterday, i was just about to turn Dota 2 on today when i remembered my experience with this guy. It upset me so much that i actually quit the game thinking i might face someone like this 'player' again ( which happens like every so often nowadays ).

    So i felt that i must do something more than mere ' reporting '. I want players like this to feel real threat for the future of their account or ... whatever they care about in Dota 2.

    What this 'player' did? Ill try to tell you. Dota 2. AP game. The 'player' picks Anti-mage. No support picks. He ( the voice was male) started to yell in the voice chat that everyone is noob for not picking proper support, which upsets me but i tried to let it go. Right after he starts to yell in he voice chat how We, the 'F**king noobs' need to let him in his preferred lane because he needs to 'farm' (using rude words). Then i muted him and reported him for chat abuse thinking he will be all right after the game begins. Its not that what happened...

    ... The 'player' died a few times ( so did we a couple of times, understandable via the team set up). Then he died a few more times. And then he steps in Techie mines...dies again. And then he started intentionally feeding the enemy team with couriers and himself. Me and the rest of the team tried to do some play but... we could not. The game was 36min long. 26 minutes of frustration and gore.

    I don't want to see this 'player' in-game ever again even or in my enemy team. I don't want to see him IRL too.

    This one is not the first feeder and it will be not the last but I grew tired of people like this. The number of reports is just not enough sometimes. I don't know what will follow for him or will this post change anything but I'm willing to try.
    Thanks for your time and i hope we will see 'hardcore gamers' like this less in the future.


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    There's a thing... you know... the current report system does NOTHING, regardless of how many report you have or how many times you can report a single person.

    And no one cares about the things like "I don't want to play with this person" or "I don't want him in my team" and so on. When I asked about "don't-want-to-play-with" list, not a Ban list, just a personal option to avoid being paired with unwanted players, - it was immediately closed and I doubt any "Dev" or Valve would consider it.

    And why would you work your ass off for some system that gives you 0 profit when you can just sell hats?


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      no banlist, dont want to play with or whatever you wanna call it will be added because that way you can interfere with matchmaking and valve does not want you to do that.
      To op: report him, play 5 more games and you will have all forgoten about him since you ll meet even worse allies.
      Last edited by SabotaZ; 07-28-2015, 01:44 PM.


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        Originally posted by SabotaZ View Post
        report him, play 5 more games and you will have all forgoten about him since you ll meet even worse allies.
        Haha, so funny and true, that it makes me sad.
        Threads I think are useful to read:

        Just another day on EU servers.

        ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE BETTER PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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          Originally posted by SabotaZ View Post
          report him, play 5 more games and you will have all forgoten about him since you ll meet even worse allies.
          100% true

          Its a shame valve no longer gives a shit about game quality as long as they keep selling hatz
          Make a NON automated report system.
          I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
          Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
          The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters


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            I know how u feel.
            I can assure u dota 2 will fall in next year or two.Its turning to be a kindergarten for kids,that are everywhere in games,ruining matches.
            'valve no longer gives a shit about game quality as long as they keep selling hatz ' well said.
            A simple fact forgotten is that some people are not meant to play dota and valve seems like want to keep them rather make some improvement of MM.
            They can ban a user from playing for a while if hes or her reports reached above a number.Is that so hard to do ???