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Do we need calibration in 2015?

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  • Do we need calibration in 2015?

    So I think it’s time to reconsider how calibration should work, or just simply remove it. The problem lies in constant abuse of that system. Today a lot there are a lot of different boosting services and the cheapest option is definitely calibration. Basically you pay 25 -40$ to get 800-1500 mmr boost from the starting point. It’s so affordable that I think a lot of players create accounts, play on them to 13th level and pass them to the boosters. At least I know the streamer who makes like 5 – 10 full calibration cycles per week.

    But even the players who doesn’t order boost can abuse the system if they know how it works. So they can get extra 300 – 400 mmr.

    So the question is: do we really need calibration? When you create new account you already going through anti-smurph (which is kind of the same thing as calibration), then you play till 13 level which is around 180 games if you play it normal way. I think that elo based systems usually works best with high amount of games, but here after almost 200 games you can get serious shift in rank in just 10 games. So is there any real player who started calibration at 3k, but actually deserves 4.5? I don’t think so.

    My personal opinion is that the best way to deal with it is to remove calibration on level 13. So now you should go through anti-smurph, than you play to 13 level, but you need to play at least let’s say 150 normal games (bots and low prio doesn’t count), and as soon as you hit 13th you get your mmr number.

    I understand that intentions of calibration were noble. Developers probably thought that people should proof themselves by their performance, so they can get second chance to play with better players, but if this was good idea back when ranked was introduced, now it’s hole in the system that people abuse to get better number.

    So if somebody actually read this I want to hear your suggestions on how to improve calibration.

    P.S. Examples of streamer’s work I previously mentioned:
    1. Start 3300 avg. end 4941 player id 225089263
    2. Start 3800 avg. end 4696 player id 234748305
    3. Start 3200 avg. end 4471 player id 237765443
    4. Start 3600 avg. end 4558 player id 240981889
    5. Start 3400 avg. end 4786 player id 251568320
    6. Start 2400 avg. end 4179 player id 98968804
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    We should keep calibration as it is now
    Calibration on 13th level should be removed
    Rework calibration

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    Good examples, I think this post can be added to the main Thread right here:

    Looking at those screenshots, the booster is ybicanoooobov on Twitch, right? Because he usually spams those heroes. But basically most ppl who do calibration game boosting spam those heroes.

    As to the suggestion, removing calibration at level 13 wont solve the problem. Because then ppl will create new accounts and let them boost from the first 10-20 games. It wouldnt really change much.

    Yeah those calibration services ruin a ton of games, not only the 10 games where ppl get raped by the booster, but also the games afterwards when the acc owner keeps throwing games.

    My suggestion, which is actually easily doable by Valve, is to reduce the ammount of MMR you can get with typical boosting heroes like Tinker, Leshrack and Storm Spirit. Basically they should give those heroes the same treatment as they gave Zeus a couple of months back, when ppl used to abuse Zeus in calibration games, because he does a shit ton of hero damage. Then Valve lowered the parameters for Zeus and removed the ability to abuse him for calibration. Thats exactly the same thing they should do for Tinker, Lesh and Storm. It would solve the calibration problem to 70%. Because it would make it WAAAY harder to boost MMR in calibration games.

    Really if they adjust the parameters for Lesh, Tinker and SS, it will be the first major step in preventing alot of MMR boosting.

    Calibration games boosting at level 13 is right now the fastest and easiest way of boosting MMR. When boosters take an already calibrated acc and raise like 1-1.5k MMR it takes a TON of time, and because of that it is pretty expensive, so less ppl buy such services. Because of how easy the 10 calibration games are, it is beeing abused right now heavily. You can basically play those 10 games within like 5-8 hours and the boost is done. Which is why its beeing abused ATM so much.

    I say- raise the calibration process to level 25 instead of level 13 and then tweak the parameters for Tinker, Lesh and SS in the same way they did with Zeus and it will reduce the recent MMR abuse by at least 60-70%. Because some ppl just create new accs, play until level 13 + calibration games and then sell 4.5k+ account. If they had to play twice as many games until they are allowed to play RMM, it would raise account prices and somewhat reduce the problem with MMR abuse.
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      Matchmaking feedback belongs in the stickies in misc as mentioned in the forum rules.

      The issue with boosting is another one (related, but a different topic itself) and WastedPenguinz linked you a decent thread regarding this issue.
      If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.