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Monthly report of smurf matchmaking by dotter

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  • Monthly report of smurf matchmaking by dotter my dotabuff
    as you can see im dumpstering this kids.
    4 games and very high skill already.
    Had 10-2 winrate 2 games what i lost was high skill games
    1st game with random russian on eu west sever have no clue what they are doing
    2nd game duble abandon then lesh afk we could win that too easly 3 v 5.
    after that 8 wins in row very high skill.
    but than miracle become catastrophic unbeattable with clueless shit kids pokimon players.
    Again matchmaking problem!
    After you dumpster all this shits kids you will start to get random online shit kids (1 replay watched thinks they know all) that manages to get 2 wins in high skill bracket (after 20-100 games)
    After they manage to get very high skill in 50 with 80 % winrate and almost all games very
    high skill.Will start to get that 1 game very high skill dumpsters in your team.
    While on other side as you can see will be 4-5 non stop very high skill smurfers.
    Just to make balance.
    i want to say that its big difference between players that have lets say 20 games with 15 of that very high skill and players that have 20 games and 2 games even less in very high skill.
    But as soon he manages to dumpster some even bigger dumpsters in high skill bracket after 30 games
    He is coming to your team as you have 80% winrate and all games in very high skill just to keep balance.
    Then you need to fight against enemy and your teamate cos he wanted to go mid sf or zeus becouse
    he woned mid against some dumpsters in high skill and he thinks hes good now.-classic pattern of shit kids
    I allready made topic that says that we need more brackets.
    and this shit kids that had 0 15 scores on high skill should get permanently high skill bracket
    with no chance of moving up.
    how system should work:
    1st we need new bracket above very high skill or some bracket in middle.
    (bracket in middle becouse you cannot name bracket above very high skill).
    2nd If you cannot get very high skill bracket in first 15 games you should never get very high skill bracket.
    3rd you need to win 3 games with most impact or 5 games in row on high skill to get very high skill.
    Reminder how things works right now:
    example of 1 average very high skill player and reason why very high skill is full of dumpsters:
    after 10 games in normal and high skill he manages to somehow very easly with 2 wins on
    noobed high skill bracket to get very high skill bracket.
    Then he come to very high skill bracket ruins game.then he can even get more very high skill bracket
    again ruins game with few teammates like him.Then he go again to high skill bracket there he play 20 games.
    after 20 games he somehow again manages to get very high skill again.ruins few games in row.Then again high skill bracket and story goes on and on.Fuck this very high skill every 20 games passers-by ruins and move back dumpsters.
    Make stable very high skill without of this pass by dumpsters.
    I saying this not only to save normal very high skill smurfers from mental illness of dogshit players.
    Im saying this becouse this 3 brackets are basics and starting point of whole matchmaking system in dota.
    Im just saying ,If you want to fix matchmaking start from start (basics).

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    This forum is not your blog. Read the rules and use the stickies for proper (!) matchmaking feedback.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.