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Dota 2 Time Management

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  • Dota 2 Time Management

    Hi Folks,

    i am suggesting a Time Management System for Dota 2. Frankly speaking, i think Dota 2 shows strong symptomps of addiction to quite a lot of players, which i am not excluded off. So i would like an optional system integrated into the game, where you can set a maximum Amount of time you can spend on Dota per account (per ip perhaps?) weekly. For example i could adjust: I dont want to spent more than 5 hours a week on Dota and not more than 2 per day with one allowed exception on a chosen day (or similair). After time runs out, the game lets you play the last game you are in and then gives a farewell message, shutting down the game. I think this would help a lot of poeple controll their consume of Dota 2, it would definetly help me play this game which i love in a reasonable amount and not consume it like a drug.
    I am fairly sure there are quite a lot of poeple playing this game 80+ or even 100+ hours a week who dont even realize how bad this can be for their physical and psychich health, and there are those who do struggle to reduce their consume (as it was for me for quite some time now. I deleted now, like the 5th time, and i know i cant reinstall as i know it will get out of hand again.)

    Offcourse, the argument against such a system could be like: No one is forcing you to play, just quit when you have enough.
    My counterargument to this: I allready stated the addiction-like element of the game, and furtheron i just accept my weakness in this matter: I cant controll it like that as perfect as i would like to. Many of you can maybe, but i am damn sure im not the only one who cant. On top, i am speaking of an optional system that all of you who dont want it dont need to be bothered with.
    Offcourse i dont want to tell anyone how to live his life and how much to play or not to play. I just want to indicate that also you guys from Valve, as a company, have a certain responsibilty for the health of your users, and adding a Time Managemant System as suggested can help parents controll their childrens use of Dota as well as anyone else's. And a possible strong counterargument of integrating such a system for you (companywise), the possible decreasoe of income and value of this game, is a weak one in this case in my opinion: A company who cares for the satisfaction and health of their customers (and their employees offcourse) will allways be rewarded more in the long run than a company solely trying to maximize shortterm numbers, thats a fact that which is slowly dripping into the heads of CEOs.

    Here is a link to an addiction checklist you may want to check for yourselves:

    Best regards, please discuss

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    seems weird, if u can set the times yourself.. wouldnt u just make them longer or turn it off when u want to Play? (and if ist optinal, you sure can set the times yourself..)


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      I like that idea, and the way to solve that issue Noom would be pretty simple. You can only make changes to your "Schedule" once a week

      Or maybe only if you go trough 5- 10 confirmation messages :P

      Not a lot of games do this, because companies care more about their revenue than about people's well being. So if valve implemented something even remotely similar to this, it would certainly score them some really big points to get out of the dark side they have been walking in to for the last couple of years.
      Make a NON automated report system.
      I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
      Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
      The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters


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        You could set a limit for x time without the option to revoke it over this time or with need of a password to revoke it (--> controlled by parent, friend). Thats not a strong counter argument. Offcourse, you would probably find ways to exploit, but thats not the point: The game needs to offer ways to adress the problem of grinding this game too much, i did suggest one reasonable in my opinion.

        Lets take this a step further, to all the virtual reality stuff thats coming up, where valve will also be a part of. I gurantee: If game designers and companies wont find ways and offer mechanics for a resonable consumption of their products/games, these devices will have a strong potential to turn a lot of people into actual zombies even a lot more than games like Dota. And all im saying is: There are possibilties to help people manage their time spent on such activities, and companies should be well aware to offer those.

        I know for a fact that game design involves questions like: How do we make people addicted to our games. Blizzard uses this formula on every game they develop, they even work with psychologists in that matter.
        Dota absolutely qualifies for a game which possibly causes addiction due to its mechanics alone. (I know quite some people who play dota, also spending their time for this game more reasonably than me by far, but all agree that Dota is an "addiction game", that you cant really play it only casually, that you want more games after a loss and the satisfaction of a win makes you want to continue even more etc.. If the game itself offered mechanics to deal with those burdens, it would help people (like me) to spend the time on the game more aware.


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          Sounds like a lot of work for a feature with very little use...
          I mean you don't need a system to tell you how long you are playing atm, you can just enter the steam HUB..
          Originally posted by katsaroulhs
          I see. You are on the reasons this game's community is considered "human waste".


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            I disagree with both your points Malve.

            1° I disagree in that it would be of little use. Game addiction is a thing that affects a lot of people really badly. And even people who have some self control (I'd like to count myself among them) sometimes have difficulties keeping track of time when it comes to playing a game they enjoy. I have my rule that is "no more than 3 games a day". And even I break it some times....I also have a friend who is doing his masters and he just abandoned DotA because "Otherwise he might not finish his masters". I could be wrong but I think game addiction is a thing that has been growing with the years, and I believe it only gets worse with each passing year.
            2° It would not be that much work. By far the easiest would be displaying a warning every hour you spend in the game "You have played:3 hours today. 12 hours this week." And that would be a really good step...Now making a system where you select hours and limits and give permission to people to block other people from playing X hours and such....Yeah that would take a bit more work. But far less than you think
            Make a NON automated report system.
            I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
            Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
            The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters


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              Those who are already addicted won't use this feature, but it would be a good tool to prevent becoming addicted for those who can still control themselves. I know this because I used to have 120+ hours per week in WoW for 2 years and if I had this feature back then, I wouldn't have used it unless someone else did it for me. Real addicts don't realize they have a problem, so they won't feel the need for this.


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                Its for the ones who know they have a problem offcourse, and the ones who want to controll the time used on the game in the 1st place (when starting playing, like parents for children).
                I dont believe this would be an awful lot of work to implement.

                By the way, i do believe that the toxic atmosphere of dota in games (community is widely known for that) has something to do with the design of the game being addictive and the fact that quite some ppl grind games too much, losing boundaries of behaviour after some while.


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                  Russian player died playing Dota 2 4 nights in a row



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                    it says 22 hours. you cant die from that, i even played ~35hours at lan parties. (not dota tho)
                    the article itself seems very weird and poorly written btw, i wouldnt trust that. in a place they say something about violent death too.

                    btw: toxic atmosphere is the Internet itself, not only dota. the Keyboard warriors


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                      I believe this will eventually become a norm for MP games, especially oriented towards parents and children. However, for adults, you can be sure it won't be of great help.

                      Something to consider, though. In some cities in countries like the US, there are almost no spare activities to do, and the only 4 options are Internet, video games, drugs and gangs. Obviously video games is the less dangerous and harming thing to do.

                      So perhaps a middle ground is having a maximum time for playing per user per day. So if that is 3 hours, you would have a 10 minutes of a mandatory break.


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                        well, naturally you wouldn't need such tool to make you stop playing, if you have more than 1600 games in dota, you should know that playing 3-4 games will make you stop
                        for a period of time (or maybe 1 game which was more than 75+ minutes in duration) because the theory of getting bored, dota is a life style, you never get it's lust if you
                        force yourself by yourself to stop it, it's the other 9 players' job |B
                        Originally posted by brandon75689
                        I played gyro and got 15 minutes, Phase, Magic stick, Drum, ring of Aquila, Bkb.


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                          Reborn is the best time management solution they could have invented. I'm pretty sure people people will be playing a lot less Dota and more custom mods from now onwards. Custom mods are short and sweet.
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                          "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
                          Io, the Guardian Wisp


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                            Bump. I will stress again that in the long run, Dota and Valve cant afford to have this issue untouched. Games like this need Time Management Systems integrated!
                            From a random thread on Reddit:

                            "To my younger selves reading this letter, I hope this finds you well. I already decided to quit gaming when I stumbled upon /r/stopgaming[1] , and I was already composing this letter. This letter was initially intended to be private, a sort of breakup letter to my lifelong hobby. However, when I saw what you guys were doing, I decided to share. This subreddit is a beautiful thing, and each of you is making the right decision doing what you're doing. My original goal was just to get some kind of catharsis or closure, since I've poured so much time into this thing, and needed to make some sense of it. However, if even one of you reads this and decides to quit gaming or find the strength to avoid falling into that old familiar pit, then I can rest easy knowing that at least some good has been extracted from my hours spent gaming for which I received nothing, and am none the wiser for.

                            I will start by saying this. I did not think I was an addict. Nobody thinks they're an addict. Whenever you picture someone addicted to video games, you imagine someone who drops out of school to play world of warcraft, or someone who does literally nothing outside of playing games. Certainly, that type of problem gaming exists (and is a very serious problem), but you don't have to be at that level to be an addict. I certainly do not fit the stereotype of a typical addicted gamer. I have a degree and I have a job. I have a social life, I have had girlfriends, and I have many hobbies outside of gaming. Why then do I describe myself as an addict? Because I cannot moderate my gaming. While gaming has never caused me to drop out of school or quit my job, it's definitely caused me to put less effort into things than I should have. When I was in my undergrad I would do everything at the absolutely last minute because of gaming. Instead of spending a week researching and a week writing and revising, I would spend 2 weeks playing DOTA and then dash off a paper the day before it was due. Was I functioning? Yes, technically. Was I learning? Well, that's debatable. This slapshod approach to life was able to get me through life, but there's so much more to life than just doing things at the bare minimum level.

                            And that's what makes gaming so dangerous. It gives you a false sense of empowerment and growth. As I was doing the bare minimum in real life, I felt like I was getting more powerful in the games. It takes a huge investment of time to go from knowing nothing about DOTA to being a competent player, but is it really worth it? Hundreds and hundreds (thousands!) of hours to be a half-way decent DOTA player? And for what? To gain the respect of the community, who are as a rule, absolutely fucking awful sociopaths? It's interesting to me that people complain about how awful online gaming communities are (counterstrike, League of Legends, DOTA etc) but never ask why this is the case. The reason why these communities are such cesspools is because you have all these people who are dumping all their time into this extremely narrow interest. It's not like playing a thousand hours of League of Legends affords any insight into the human condition, or makes you grow as a person, it just makes you better at the game which only serves you in chasing the meaningless thrill of victory in the game.

                            So, to my brothers and sisters who are sitting here reading this letter, I encourage you to engage yourselves in things which genuinely empower you. There are many things you can do. Learn to draw, read poetry, write a story, learn a new language, start lifting weights, start running, learn to appreciate a new art form (e.g. graphic novels or cinema), learn to cook, start playing an instrument. The world is full of beautiful things, and the wonderful thing about engaging in activities like these is that as you do them your world gets broader and richer for having done them. That is to say, when I read a novel, I not only enjoy the novel for its story but it teaches me a new way to look at the world. When I read another novel , my reading is enhanced because I now have more ways to describe and understand it. Similarly, if I spend time running, not only do I become good at running but I am then able to do other physical activities with greater ease.

                            Growing as a person is hard. It takes lots of time and it isn't an instant gratification. When you first start drawing, your drawings will look like crap. You might even need to go out and buy a book on how you can improve. Maybe you'll talk to someone you know who draws and ask them for advice or tips. The important thing to remember is that persistence pays off. Unlike dumping a thousand hours into DOTA2 and getting nothing in return (other than a middling skill in a game full of horrible people) you will have become better than you were before. Just don't get discouraged. You're weaning yourself off a system which has taught you that you will be constantly gratified (e.g. the way you constantly level up in games) and that simply is not how life works.

                            I leave you with this. Stopping gaming is hard. Gaming companies have a vested interest in having you be addicted to their games. It's simple math, these companies are making a fuck ton of money off of you. The more hours you spend playing these games and getting further disconnected from the real world, the more likely you're going to buy the next installment in their series, or drop some cash on in-game items. It's not hard to follow the money and figure out that it's in these companies interest and not yours, to be gaming this much. Just know that you're beautiful and full of potential. It's never too late to turn things around."


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                              Originally posted by JayJayOkocha View Post