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Allied Win

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  • Allied Win

    So I just had two really fun back to back games.

    Timbersaw: Name was a bunch of random korean characters

    Bought Courriers and utilized an autoclick macro to feed repeadedly walking mid


    Gyrocopter: Flea

    Used quelling blade to deny my mines repeadly all over the map. Utilized his ult on creeps. Flamed and trolled

    I was thinking that in cases of apparent trolling we could ally up with the other team and let the troll have his loss... alone. It can also be for an honorable long lasting game where both teams are pushing 70 and 80 minutes as a sign of respect

    Lets constructively theory craft this together... reporting doesn't really help the people in the losing game and it might not help after either.

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    Don't worry you are not alone.. i played 2 games and in first game slark started instantly from begin of game feed until someone left and game was safe to leave

    In second game totally retarded team and i felt like few players in my team played dota for the first time....but nothing new.. if you want to play normal match go play dota around 1 o clock at night.. overday its just wasted time.... because players you're getting matchmaking is bullshit.

    and "report" player god knows if it works becasue a while ago didnt even work low prio and you could leave games how you wanted.
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