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Bot accounts are everywhere in Ability Draft!

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  • Bot accounts are everywhere in Ability Draft!

    Hi. Me and my friends are big fans of Ability Draft mode. We often make a stack of 5 and queue for AD in SEA server. It was very fun at first.
    But recently (actually in the last 6 months), when we find party AD games, we encounter bot accounts' party MOST OF THE TIME. How can I know they are bot? They have things in common: names with random alphabet characters and end with a number. They always draft a skill at exact 3rd second of their turn. Their starting items are always Headress. They always head mid and auto-attack creeps, then head back to fountain when on low HP. There's not only 1 or 2 bot parties like that, there's a lot (when I check 1 of their profile, I found out there are many bot vs bot matches).
    Yes I can get easy win. But when I queue for a match, I expect to meet real players, not those stupid bots. I can't enjoy AD anymore, because 75% of my matches found are with bots. Please take some actions. If you can't just get rid of that mode, because it supposes to be fun, not boring and time-wasting.
    Here's a profile of 1 "bot" player for proof. Just look at its Ability Draft games and check its item builds. Seems like all those bots belong to an account selling person/organization in China, because after they meet the requirements to be able to play rank, the owner changes their name to some Chinese $h17 and starts playing ranked matches:

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    Classic account seller, nothing new here to be honest. This has been going on pretty much since Ranked is in the game and will probably continue until they do something/anything about it or do a major overhaul to change how the system itself works.