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MatchMaking stacking people who should be banned!

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  • MatchMaking stacking people who should be banned!

    Why don't you just ban them instead of using them as tools for "balancing" win/loss ratio. It is really retarded to play games knowing you have no chance of winning because you had a long winning streak and now MM decided that it was enough and you get stacked with leavers, afkers, feeders... Just ban them and let others play. Wasting time just for the sake of balanced stats is a sing of brain damage. But I can't say that people working at Valve are brain damage because I will get banned again. Easier to ban than to prove otherwise.

  • #2
    System assumed you were good enough, which you weren't. Sadly the truth.
    I've faced against countless of stacks whilst playing solo and I am nowhere near crying "Oh my god valve pleaseeeeeeee". They are still regular players, they don't automatically get +10 int when joining the game.


    • #3
      I am not talking about stacks. They have nothing to do with the issue at hand. They are balanced accordingly. I am talking about non "regular" players


      • #4
        Auto loss balancing is most definitly a thing, whether done on Valve's part, or other players. Had the fun experience early, insta locked LC (Cuz that's how I was feeling, this is unranked all pick after all) then I ult tab cuz pro. Come back as match starts, here is chat log.

        Zues: "Fucking noob insta lc" "oh shit he's won 8 matches in a row as LC, dammmmmm"
        Zues's premade "Let's all intent feed then, fuck him not getting to 9"
        other kids on team "yeah that's fun!"

        And they did, they all intentionally fed, which they said in all chat plenty, to make my win streak, and my win streak with LC was broken. WHy is behavior like that not auto ban worthy? Also give more reprots, and make them mean something, as i've said countless times, people will audit reports for free. (Just don't go the Riot route and let trolls decide THEIR who get's punished so they can false punish and DON'T REWARD PEOPLE FOR SAYING GUILTY)