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Account Reviev Request (6 months ban)

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  • Account Reviev Request (6 months ban)

    I've recived 7 days matchmaking ban like 3 times within last 2 months, after each of them I've been getting more and more frustrated, mostly for losing paid battle pass content like wagers, double downs etc. so even tho I tried to improve my bahavior I just couldn't handle myself in some of the games. Also last week I recived 2 abandons, first one was on me, we were getting stomped by enemy the entire game (99-1 win probability) I went afk after lost teamfight in our base with 2 set of racks down, and enemy pushing in. Second one I simply lost my internet connection, luckly it was right after the pick phase, so no casualties there (besides few mins of que and pickphase time). I got LPQ, after getting out I played 6 ranked games and as I was playing the 6th one I got a 6 months ban.

    Now, I know I'm not an angel, I tend to be toxic sometimes, mostly because instead of muting other toxic players I get into "conversations" with them and shortly after lose my temper. However like I mentioned It does not happen that often. But besides that fact I always do my best in my games, I never feed on purpose, afk or abandon games unless It's real emergency (except that one medusa game in LPQ mentionet before, when I simply lost my will to play with lion going mid with me, while bristleback was running down feeding). Even tho I'm mainly pos 1/2 player I never steal roles, whenever I need role que games I play nice and dedicated support.

    So with all things considered, is this system working as intended? I do realize I'm not the nicest person, that I should work on my behavior and I'm realy trying to, but is losing your temper in few games, flaming the flamers, while most of the reports I get are because I made some stupid gameplay mistakes or simply because my team had to blame somebody for a lost game, good enough reason to be banned for 6 months? Also like I mentioned, I'm currently a level 945 battle pass owner, and It pains me as I will not be able to use it's content. So please, if you could take a moment to reviev my account and see if you could do anything about it. I would really appreciate it, as a long time Dota fan, player and supporter.