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Top EU Leaderboard player and streamer Funkefal IP Ban due smurfing.

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  • Top EU Leaderboard player and streamer Funkefal IP Ban due smurfing.

    Hello everyone,

    With the recent changes to behavior score(Commends means nothing yet 1 report can destroy your behavior score), I have been struggling to get my 4-5k behavior score back up again.
    As I am on the edge, every time I get reported by 1 or 2 people when I play in ranked games, I have to play 15 turbo games(To find a turbo games, it takes at least 15 minutes) and get commends without getting reported to get my behavior score up 500-600 points so I can start finding match in ranked games again. I have been in a loop like this for the last 3 months of my life. I have considered many times quitting the game but as I am a top player and a streamer, this is the last thing I want to do. The main problem here is that there is no redemption. My behavior score is low and I would like to get it back up again but even if I play 1 bad game without being toxic, I can still get reported and that would ruin my conduct summary. Please also note that as Funkefal, I have so many haters within the community. After trying to play 5 ranked games and 15 turbo games every single time for 3 months, yesterday I have decided to start playing on a smurf to get back to top MMR again. Smurfing is something pretty much everyone does and even quite big streamers does it on stream, not even talking that every person in top ranks has at least 1 smurf account. There are even boosters writing on their stream title that they are boosting... After I played 2 games on my new smurf, someone from my stream posted on Reddit about it and I got IP banned right after.
    Smurf that I played got banned for a year.
    My main account got banned for a month.
    1 game I have played on an account of my friend which is quite high mmr 6300 got banned for a month.
    Couple games I have played on my another friends account which is 7200 mmr got banned for a month.
    Please help me get this fixed and please also find a way for people who has low behavior score to be able to get their behavior score back up again.
    It is totally unfair that 1 report can equalize 25 commends.
    I have had many conduct summaries where I got commended +20 and got reported 1-2 and my behavior score went down every time.
    I am a streamer and a former Top1 leaderboard player. All I want is to be able to play on my main account ranked games but with the current system, I am forced to play on a smurf and as soon as I do that, I am getting Ip banned.
    Thank you very much for your assistance in advance. = 150 Turbo games in last 3 months which is a mode I would never play if I did not have too.

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    Birkaç gün önce aynı sorunu ben de çok sorguladım. Bir defa oraya girince çıkamadığın bir sistem mevcut şuan.

    I playing Dota for nearly 10 years. I am at on 2k bracket sadly. But i was happy while playing Dota2, but recently the community gone wrong. My conduct point was 10k one month ago. Then suddenly it was going down. Now i end up with 2k conduct point. I got chat banned because of my conduct point is under 3k. It's kinda understandable however the main issue is it's still keep going down. Bro i can not even talk. I didnt feed intentionally. I swear, if you guys want to see my last matchs here is my friend id:423390076. I am trying to get rid of this bracked and low conduct point pool but it's impossible when you got in there once. I mean i am not feeding in my games and i am not talking sh*t cuz i can not even talk in games. So the only reason i got reported is playing bad. From when playing bad is reportable and in god damn 2k bracket who is deciding that i am playing bad ? Can you guys please make something about that report system. I got 26 commends and 7 reports and still going down. It's kinda disgusting. You should use some AI to check after someone gets reported. For example you could save chat log for checking later or there is many common things a feeder can do (like feeding intentionally or blocking jungle camps with wards). These can easily detect too i guess. I mean you are Valve man. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT AND MAKE DOTA GREAT AGAIN


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      Conduct summary clearly states "Playing games WITHOUT getting reported will raise your behavior score" 1 report sets you back whatever conduct score you may have gained in the last 10 games. 25 games nets you about 1000 behavior score. 1 report is about minus 300. 1 abandon is about 1000. You cant be toxic in any of your games valve tracks your behavior with means outside of just reports themselves. Its your chat history. Griefing history like warding camps, selling items. Feeding ect.
      Suggest you play zero stake modes like ar/sd/turbo and behave yourself. Its pretty redundant telling terrible players that therye bad. They already know it. You only get reported and it hurts you more than it does them. Instead try to be uplifting even if its a total nightmare to be in.
      Last edited by 5teen; 09-05-2020, 01:20 AM.


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        i totally agree with this, something needs to be done about current system