I just had a game where offlane picked troll and went jungle level 3, sniper mid, slark safelane, invoker pos 4. Pos 4 was ancient 3, the rest were legend 4-5. I am ancient 5 play pos 5. This is one of many examples, but I say this one because I am now sick of low level games.

I queue for support roles every game, and this supporting lower level players is a big problem. Sure not all games like this are bad, but it is most often so and very frustrating. Core roles are generally more complex and requires a lot more apm than support.

I strongly believe support should be matched up, not down, because even though MMR is just a number, and I do believe that getting lucky with good teammates is a big factor to ranking up, there exist a difference between me support Divine games and supporting Legend players.

Please say which one makes more sense.