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Some essential suggestions to prevent Dota 2 to become a dead game!

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  • Some essential suggestions to prevent Dota 2 to become a dead game!

    Dear valve and dota 2 staff,

    As we know recent years many people has quit playing dota because of too many toxic players, smurfs, and new players.
    We have to know a fact that a toxic player will always be a toxic person no matter where he go.
    It's like a serial killer no matter where he go he will always killing someone once he has that gun that knife in his hand. He will not listen to u nor change for u, so dont even try to expect that.

    The only way to stop him from killing someone is simply make him weaponless, take away his guns, his knives.
    So my suggestion is once a person is toxic and flaming others, he will get a report from other players, and once that toxic person's behavior score falls below, let's say, 7000 he will automatically be muted which mean he cant talk or write to other players. This means his weapon to flame others is taken away.

    This system also teaches a toxic person that to be able to communicate with other players is not granted, its a privilege. u have to earn it, by getting comments from others and when his behavior scores come above 7000 he will be able to talk again.

    This way the system will keep them wanting to keep their behavior score high, and when everyone in the game want to keep their behavior score high the gaming experience become friendly and nontoxic and this will create a possitive vibe for the whole community, people are more willing to work together and talk nicely with better word choice.

    Currently the behavior scores put the group of people with similar behavior scores together, I think this is unnecessary and it should be removed.

    In current BS system, a toxic person that his BS fall below 3000 so all the players he meet are the same toxic people just like him, its like fire with oil more fire and explosion, they will only become more toxic with each others and eventually they all "died out from killing each others" and they will never play again.

    This create a negative vibe within the community causing people to flaming each other and thats why less and less people are willing to play dota.

    Behavior scores should be use to determine if the player:
    1. Can talk or write to others
    2. Can play rank games

    So if you want to be able to talk to other players earn it! make ur bs higher than 7000.
    So if you want to be able to play rank games earn it! make ur bs higher than 7000.
    If you fall below 7000 you will lose ur privilege to talk and play ranked games.

    Another suggestion is to create a safe environment for new players.

    Those new players they need a special environment to play and practice their heroes where they can make stupid mistakes and no one is gonna flaming them or smurf them.

    They are like baby they need to be protected and mistakes are welcome there.

    There should be an option for "non scored games" which those games they played will not be scored and no history and no data will be recorded.

    Any account less than 3 years old can have an option to enter non score games.

    This way can avoid smurfs cuz the smurf wont waste their time there, and the newbies can practice and make mistake there.

    The last but no least, IO need a persona who look like a fairy and can talk and has a face!!!
    Yes a fairy who can talk and know which side io is facing lol
    So his teamates know when to use the force staff to save him XD

    Someone want to be Valve advisor staff j/k XD

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    You know they are not going to read that, right?


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      Originally posted by Wimhaen View Post
      You know they are not going to read that, right?
      Isn’t dota 2 development team suppose to read the posts?


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        Originally posted by kennykurama View Post
        Isn’t dota 2 development team suppose to read the posts?
        Yep, you are right. The dev team supposed to read these posts. But, If they are reading these posts, why we have these problems that were not solved for a long time?