hello its benjamin here. again this happend to me. im playin dota 2 since 2014 and this is the most toxic matchmaking i ever seen in this game / every single match we have game ruiner item broken/ afk / feed on purpose / buy divine and drop it for the enemy and 90% of them are russian....
im from iran where can i play ? eu west and eu east and all of the russians are playing in eu server/ and because of that when i try to make ppl calm down make them to play relax and safe and dont give up the toxic community comes up and they report me cuz im playing right/ and now? i cant play untill tuesday / and i get low perio because they have report and yea
when we try to report them they report us for no fucking reason and i got banned now not even 4 sd game its disable to play for me untill tuesday
wtf is this?
this game everyfucking single game eeeeeeeeevery fucking single game there is a guy who just rage buyback and broke his items cuz he died under fog
and at the end they report the good players
srsly the reason of ur game diying is this community is so toxic
russians are so many sooo many players that ruin our game
and everyyyyy one has report to do shits like this ban me untill tuesday
tell to gaben pls tell to anyone who can help /
every single play around me crying cuz of this community dota cant go on like this any more thats why dota is diying + bullshit patch and the pretoxic always community
even behave score wont help cuz every fucking single game there is 1 guy who broke his items and can report us
for fuck sake pls help ur players this game is all of my life im drowning.