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Behavior score system encourages bullying and toxic behavior

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  • Behavior score system encourages bullying and toxic behavior

    I've tried posting about this in reddit and other forums and am consistently greeted with the same toxicity that suffuses DoTA in pubs. I have only ever wanted to play with people who are not toxic. So, I'm going to tell you my story here to show that the current behavior system encourages bullies, rather than deals with them. I've created dozens of accounts and can never escape the decline of my behavior score. To be clear, I do not initiate toxic behavior. However, when another player starts being toxic, I will call them out for it OR, if it's egregious enough, I will refuse to help them add a win to their tally. For this, I get reported, which further matches me with players who act this way and continues the cycle.

    Let me be clear: if a player crashes a lane that they were not assigned, won't roll for lanes to which they were not assigned, follows other heroes around the map to soak their XP, buys and wastes wards, etc, I will call them out for their behavior. If their behavior is bad enough, I will refuse to play because they do not deserve the MMR that my play would afford them.

    Mostly I do this because I never have enough reports for the number of toxic players in the game and have no other recourse. But I want to stress: I start every game with the intent of trying my best and respecting everyone else in the game.

    That said, I have been through dozens of accounts all of which succumb to this Nosedive.

    This system encourages bullies to cause a reaction and escape the diminished behavior score that they deserve. This system punishes players who try to punish the toxic players. This abuse is so rampant that is persists across new accounts and, if a player rigidly refuses to tolerate toxic behavior, that player gets punished for their refusal, as if its scoring were 100% correct in the first place.

    This system is missing sensitivity and specificity checks that allow it to be abused. This abuse rewards bullies and punishes players who attempt to punish the bullies. This system ignores the very simple dynamic that toxic players can report non-toxic players too and, the more reports you receive, the more toxic players you match with to report the same non-toxic players. In other words, if you call out or react to genuine toxic behavior, toxic players can use the system against you! There is no check against this.

    So, you can get true positives, where non-toxic players report toxic players, lowering their MMR but you can also get false positives, where toxic players report non-toxic players. In both cases, the system cannot discriminate between these outcomes and there are a small minority of non-toxic players who have low behavior scores because, as the sensitivity and specificity link above demonstrates, there is no binary classification system that can be perfectly sensitive and perfectly specific.

    This system needs to be fixed!!!
    Last edited by leftishness; 11-20-2020, 03:38 AM.

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    The report system is based off the community. If enough people report for something, then the person will be punished. The system has its flaws, but it also has the ability to "mold" to the current player base.

    The main problem you have right now, is not playing in an actual team.

    You need a team, Dota is meant to be played with 5 people you know. It always has been like that, even in wc3. If you find a team, you will be able to avoid most of the BS from being matched with randoms.


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      This means that you will automatically get LP and punished with a behavior score that will follow you from account to account JUST for not playing with friends, which is, incidentally, exactly what I have experienced.

      This is definitionally a broken system.
      Last edited by leftishness; 12-01-2020, 12:38 PM.


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        Originally posted by leftishness View Post
        This means that you will automatically get LP and punished with a behavior score that will follow you from account to account JUST for not playing with friends, which is, incidentally, exactly what I have experienced.

        This is definitionally a broken system.
        They are "fixing" it, so I'm told.

        From what I understand, the Devs are working on a better MM for people who solo queue. It should be released this month, probably around the time the new hero is released. It might not be though, because I heard about the MM thing two months ago. It might take longer, but then again. Two months seems like enough time, maybe.