Match ID: 5771198896

2 feeders. Feeding from 0:00 until the end, and I can't report them because I'm not getting reports back when I report other feeders and game inters.

Are you actually trying to ruin your own job? You know when this game dies you're going to be forced to work in some Indian cell phone gaming app sweatshop right?

Fix the fucking game, once and for all, you had 8 fucking years to do it, you retards, what are you actually doing over there? Are you all just Gabe and Icefrog's cock fluffers?

Stop making skins for two weeks and FIX THE FUCKING ACTUAL PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME! (the game ruiners!)

Your broken system is empowering game ruining, mentally ill, absolute morons! Not only is it empowering them, IT'S FUCKING CREATING MORE!!!! and you fucking completely ignore it... *mindexplodes* what the actual FUCK are you nerds paid for? What are you fucking doing over there?! the fixes are fucking simple! Most veteran players could tell you exactly how to remediate this fucking problem, yet 8 fucking years down the goddamn road... Still fucking nothing!

You're lucky that you have the dota TFT crowd playing this, or this game would be completely dead like HoN and HotS.

We're still here because we love the game, but you're fucking ruining it!


Get me on the payroll and I will do all the work for you retarded useless lazy assholes. It would literally be the easiest thing I'll have ever done in my life.

Fuckin' Zzz...