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Why don't use other way for them to be unique?

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  • Why don't use other way for them to be unique?

    Why there are cosmetics such as arcanas for IO, Windranger, and Queen of Pain limited? If such cosmetics are made limited, then why don't make them available annually especially when the right time available? Why made them to become unavailable or cannot be purchased anymore if missed the chance? Does it sounds fair for players who just started Dota 2? Or maybe I can say, Valve (developer) is prioritizing or treating better for older players? To me, this is very unfair to a lot of players. If you want to make it special or looks unique, then you can at least make it available annually and give a new offer where new "Kinetic Gem" can be available for those who own that arcana first.

    Edit (add): To me, there are many ways to make an item looks unique by adding more properties onto it. But owning an item should not be limited till other players or new fans who just started Dota 2 to never own such items if they want that item because cosmetics in Dota 2 can be a "high inspiration" for the players to play properly in the game. Otherwise, I can say Dota 2 is such a game that is waiting for dying only as players are feeling they cannot loyally and properly play an account with multiple good cosmetics ,and because he has to purchase account from other players who own something that cannot be purchased anymore.

    Edit (add): Does Valve thinking that old players who are quitting the game will usually attempting to sell their accounts to others? Well, not everyone is like that and it can make the game popularity to keep dropping from time to time when more heroes are getting arcana per year. If so, maybe I can say Dota 2 is dying because they make the arcana cosmetics in such way? I am really unhappy with such design of game. To me, it is very brainless design that aim for the company's profit only, which sounds very selfish.
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    Theyre timed exclusives that would lose their whole value if they became annual. Not to mention there would be an uproar. I've got the 2020 bp sets all the way to wr and ill flex those til the end of time obviously. But that is the point. The artificial scarcity and timed exclusivity is what makes them so coveted. Your complaint proves that fact.