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Hoping to reach a Dota dev.

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  • Hoping to reach a Dota dev.

    So i just ended a game where i won, and the game before that i lost with a mars mid with a score of 2-4-2 in which i did pretty good compared to my team's both lanes feeding and then flaming my item choices (3k bracket) and they decided to all report me (match ID 5793932475 i was the mars)

    But my bragging is not about that match. My post is about after i ended winning my last game i receieve a message that i am banned FOR 7 DAYS ! My behaviour score over the last months was always varying around 9-10k and this last week it dropped a little lower to 8k. So after my last conduct summary im sitting at 7355 conduct summary with 0 abandons 7 gameplay reports and 3 com reports and a FREAKING 7 day ban. So i normally open a steam report ticket state my problem and i get the answer that players who are frequently playing in the low priority pool are getting grading time bans before being able to play the low priority matches. My question is HOW ON EARTH i do not get 1 low prior game warning, or 1 day ban ? Mentioning i havent played a low prior game in the last 6 months and i get straight 1 week ban from every mode in the game ? Cant play normal/ranked/arcade NOTHING. HOW IS THIS FAIR ? How do i get banned for "being frequently in the low prior pool" when i havent played low prior pool in i dont remember for how long ?
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    So my ban is about to expire this tuesday, and i still cant get an answer on how did i deserve it, or why did i jump all the stairs (a low prior game, 30 min/1hour/1/day/2days ban) and went straight to a week ban with 7355 conduct summary after 15 commends, 7 ganeplay and 3 communication reports)
    How is it fair for a dota veteran who had put a lot of time and money im the game to be a subject to a “justice” like this?
    At least give me the curtesy of effort to just answer and explain to me what i did wrong and how did i deserve the extremely long 1 week ban without any single previous warning?
    Thank you for your time if you actually read this which i highly doubt.


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      I just got a 7 days bam after this game I mean my team tower dive die and ping on me. They die many times and blame me. They report me. I'am in low. I was just trying to play the game. Try to rise behavior score. But Now I'am banned to 7 days. I cancel dota plus and uninstall the game. Is just impossible to play with this report system.


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        The same thing will happen again i fear. Just won the 3 low prior matches. And felt like some chill turbo games. Finished the first one with 4 ppl flaming me the whole game for not playing their way. Mentioning i didnt say a single bad word to any of them. Did play to win, did not grief, did not feed. Even went the usual magic build on sf. But still wasnt enough coz my naga hard support 5 which i had nothing against in a turbo match kept flaming me how i suck and this and that. So in the end i was the scape goat for the loss and i should be reported. So if this keeps on going im gonna end up banned again for no reason.


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          If you don't tower dive with them they report you. If you don't do the items they want they report you. If you don't pic the heroes they want they report you. I'am tired of going to low for no reason.


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            Dont engage in chat with them. Get your accounts in good behavior standing by behaving. Also be honest with yourselves. Turbo has different mentality. You must play with your team as having another hand in a fight can tip the scales quickly so not participating can be seen as griefing. its a fun mode primarily for non stop fighting so being smart and farming juicy creeps isnt in the heart of that mode.