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A rant about the behavior score system

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  • A rant about the behavior score system

    I have numerous times submitted support requests about receiving bullshit gameplay reports in games that I had a sub-par performance, whether due to my own fault or someone else. Each time I do, I receive nearly the same feedback from customer support.

    "Sorry, that's too bad. Try posting on reddit or dev.dota2"

    My favorite was from when I was sub 3k behavior score (long story how I got there, but lets just say lots of abandons. My father was dying. I shouldn't have been playing at all)

    "try improving your communication" (You can't even talk below 3k behavior score, you're permanently muted).

    I post this now because I'm now at 8k behavior score. It fluctuates. I mostly play carry. I've been sincerely vindicated with the implementation of the overwatch system.


    Read that again, an overwhelming majority. I'm sure we will see statistics in a few months, but I'd wager that currently over 95% of flagged games are being tossed as non-valid.

    I would wager, and this is purely anecdotal, that the hard carry position receives far more reports than any other lane. I would guess the breakdown for position based percentages are as follows:

    1- 35-45%
    4- 5-10%
    5- 10-20%

    Now lets address the new problem. Behavior score still exists. You can still file false reports. Additionally, you can actually be reported MORE now than you could before. Given that a majority of gameplay reports have proven to be false, wouldn't communications reports arguably follow the same trajectory? So instead of being reported for comms abuse, you're reported for comms because you had a bad game. It's intuitive. It's a means to an end. However there are now SEVEN reports, vs the original 5. Or 10. I'm not sure. It varies on your behavior score. It seems you have more the higher your behavior score is. I'm at 8000 now, and I have a total of 12 reports to work with. This system seems to have those of us with the best behavior scores regulation who we play with. We push out those we don't want, not even required to be based on actual abuse of systems, but just because they annoyed us.

    Now, lets break down the essence of why reports exist: Because someone is doing something that is either abuse of a system, or ruining the game for the rest of the players. Most of us hold the same values when it comes to things that we consider "game ruining", or rule breaking:

    1. Feeding.
    2. Griefing. (Examples are Hard support intentionally interrupting the carries farm, players refusing to participate in teamfights, players holding on to neutral items so teamates can't use them.
    3. Abandoning (which shouldn't be reportable as it already carries it's own penalty.
    4. Racism or harassment.
    5. Putting down teamates.

    6. Using your microphone.

    Wait, hold on, that last one doesn't make sense? I would surmise that, outside of rage reporting after games for your cores bad performance, most reports fall under 6. I can attest that most of my behavior report cards are wildly confusing, my last report card had 19 commends and FIVE communication reports. Just two games ago my hard support witch doctor single pulled a wave at 1:15 against an Elder Titan (Single pulls will give you stacking waves that will push and can be held by their tower, in addition to giving ET more astral spirit buff damage). I asked him not to single pull. At 2:13, he pulled again. I asked him to please not single pull. He replied "do you not want to farm?". My response was "Do you want me to explain to you why single pulling against an ET is a bad idea?".

    He single pulled again and left lane. Never to return. Nominally, this SHOULD be construed as griefing on his part, as he's no longer performing his role. But moving on into the game, after he's been gone for 2 minutes and ET has a free lane I use voice chat to express my annoyance "Thank god I have hard support griefing me and giving the offlaner a free lane". Maybe that's on me, and I can see that being a little toxic. My offlaners immediate response was to call me toxic and start trying to mimic what I was saying in an annoying voice. I muted my team for the rest of the game, until during the final moments I noticed that there was all chatter, so I opened up. My hard support, the one that ruined the game, was trying to mock my 1-4 carry. That happens when you have to jungle at level 4, and your team loses it's lanes. I explained to him why he shouldn't single pull. I told him he was an idiot if he thinks this game was on me, and not him.

    These aren't abnormal communication patterns, and certainly not abusive in any means. Arguably, my offlaner and support were being more toxic, as my initial communications were only to organize and improve teamwork. The only difference was, that I was using my microphone and my teamate was using his keyboard.

    If you were to ask a majority of players that fell out of perfect behavior score and got back, they would tell you to mute everyone, and not talk. A portion of that would tell you to just not use the mic. Typing doesn't interrupt a players train of thought. A voice will.

    I can attest to this. 90% of the people I play with are much more toxic than I am. They ping. They insult in chat. They blame. I'm not innocent of this, it's Dota. Of course I'm going to ask my mars why he's solo diving a t2 with just phase boots. Of course I'm going to ask my hard support CM why he's level 4 with no points in frostbite.

    The point is this, I can provide dozens of anecdotal references about irrational reports I've received and how it's impacted my experience in Dota, however with Overwatch we undeniably know that most reports have nothing to do with actual problems and more to do with blaming people for our losses.

    So how do we fix this? I'm not 100% sure here. I'm basically speaking to a void. I have ideas but their viability may or may not stand up to conjecture. I've emailed the developer team. I've put in support tickets. I've posted on Reddit (good luck there, it's as toxic as anywhere else. According to them if you've ever been reported you deserve it). But alas, I'll post some of my ideas and probably never get a response:

    1. Remove communication reports and commends. Replace them at the end of the game with some sort of score system indicating whether or not you enjoyed playing with someone. If at the end of 15 games it's 70% or higher, bump up their behavior score. If it's 50-70%, leave their score alone. If it's below 50%, lower their behavior score.

    2. Remove global muting. All this does is generate toxicity. On both sides. The player that's muted is more likely to get griefed because their teamates see them as a problem player that they've muted in the past. It decreases the initial receptivity players have to one another, and the player muted is more likely to tilt and become annoyed with his teamates knowing he can't communicate with them. Especially if a lane is going poorly.

    3. Remind players that muting someone you find annoying is ok, but that annoying isn't a reason to report people. I've muted a number of people that offer unsolicited advice. Normally, I give them a listen first, but if they persist I mute. I never report them. I don't grief them for it.

    On this particular note, there's another big for in game tensions: skill disparity. I would recommend adding an additional system to allow players to rate each others performance in games. Instead of just using automated methods (lets be honest here, matchmaking is shit. I have no idea why I'll go on a 10 win streak and then my 11th game is two dudes intentionally feeding, immediately followed by 10 more games of some of the most toxic people I've ever played with). Boosters and account buyers are a big problem. I probably run into them 1/3 games. Legend 1s that previously ranked ancient. Previously ranked divines that are now legend 3s. Those used to be the largest portion of my reports. Nothing is more game ruining to me than laning with someone that I expect to be at or above my skill level, only to have them play like someone FAR below my skill level. Again, using a weighted system similar to my first idea, if 80% of players within 15 games (that participate in submitting a report for it) feel that you're well out of your skill level, we can input some sort of MMR manipulation on their account. Either bonus MMR lost for players that are evaluated as being below their current skill level, or MMR bonus for wins for players above their skill level.

    Or if over two report cards they maintain 80% rate that they're out of their skill bracket, trigger MMR recalibration.

    In summary, the current system is too heavily weighted against players who prefer voice communications and single game performances. No negative decision should be given to players for one game, too many things are circumstantial. It's a team game, and if players only see one side of the story this can often be leveraged on the side of someone who IS griefing. The game should be encouraging active communication, and the system currently discourages. Muting someone who annoys you is enough, causing them to lose behavior score which can drastically affect their overall experience is too much. Last I saw communication reports were weighted for about 300 behavior score. One person can cause 2100 total score to be lost per week. That's too much.

    TL: DR

    Drastically change behavior score. Make it percentage weighted over total number of "reports" per period. Score only goes up or down based on this percentage. 70% and up positive experience increases score, anything below that either lowers it or no change. Change reports/commends to "desirability". Either you would or wouldn't like to have this person as a teamate again. Remove global mute. Allow players to make that choice every game, rather than the possibility of that choice being made in one game. The ability to be muted after one game gives too much authority to a group of people that want to grief someone.

    The overwatch system is a good thing, however it has shown us that reports are not being used as a mechanic to police bad behavior but rather as a revenge system. If we want better games, we should allow good behavior to be leveraged to putting more "well behaved" players in the same match making pools, rather than using reports to weed out the bad.


    After just posting this, I've received a new report card. My totals the last two report cards: 31 commends, 15 comms reports. I've lost 1k behavior score since this Overwatch update, and I'm certainly not toxic. I don't scream in my mic. When I ask people to do something in lane, and instead of communicating I ask again. If we argue, I mute them and let them know that I've done so. I don't use racist term, and I don't harass people. I don't spam ping people's abilities when their off cool down because I think they forgot to use them.

    The system is broke.
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    "If you were to ask a majority of players that fell out of perfect behavior score and got back, they would tell you to mute everyone, and not talk. A portion of that would tell you to just not use the mic. Typing doesn't interrupt a players train of thought. A voice will."

    That's because that people literally can't report you if you barely communicate ( they will literally not have the option to do it, it will say " This players has not communicated enough to be reported")

    But if you communicate a lot even if it's all positive, then the option becomes available for others to report you for communication abuse, retarded I know. Just like these devs.


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      Originally posted by sunandsteel View Post

      That's because that people literally can't report you if you barely communicate ( they will literally not have the option to do it, it will say " This players has not communicated enough to be reported")
      You know if I only send "the next level play" and the heroes messages they will be able to report me too?


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        Originally posted by azgalor_pit View Post

        You know if I only send "the next level play" and the heroes messages they will be able to report me too?
        Can you speak English? You fucking retard.