2 reports for a week is too less. I won't tell anything bad but every came you can encounter bad players. And report rate is not enough. Even if you say that after your succesfull report your reports replenish. But that's not enough too. You can't wait to dota devs or artificial intelligence to claim that the accused person needs to be banned or no. That's too bad. Even you mute people they can report you and you get banned over their abuse. That's no good. Just look at other mobas. They have awesome community becasue they know which people is wrong. 2 reports per week is ridiculous. It should be unlimited. UNLIMITED... If you want proof just google it devs. You can see "Dota's report system punishes good people" article. I know no devs will see this but steam told me to came here so i am here. I know this is pointless. I just delete steam now.