Very simple thread is here. My question is, if a game is all-pick, then why there is no full choices for the players to make their pickings of heroes? For ranked all-pick, it is understandable that banning of heroes has its reason because it can be used as a strategy for the opposite team to counter-picking the enemies. However, it is very weird to see such mode is being duplicated in unranked all-pick. If both the ranked and unranked have such same rules of picking for the heroes, then why separate ranked and unranked?

Maybe I can say, players are joining ranked all-pick because it looks more competitive and strategic compared to unranked all-pick that is less competitive with lesser strategy plan. Why unranked all-pick cannot has a full choices of pick that has zero banning?

If you are late to pick, then you miss your hero because this is not a strategic picking like ranked all-pick where players have decision of heroes banning that change the minds of players when thinking of what heroes they want or need to play.

Again, why unranked all-pick cannot be a place or mode that has more freedom of picking or in other line, why unranked all-pick cannot has full freedom of picking by serving the players with rule of "first-come-first-serve"? At the same time, we can have unranked roles-queuing also. I believe, this definitely can improve the current unranked all-pick where certain heroes such as Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut, Mirana, Morphling, Anti Mage, etc always been banned. If those heroes are guaranteed (99.99%) to be banned in unranked all-pick, then what is the point of bringing them into the heroes pool because unranked all-pick is not a strategic picking place like ranked all-pick for players. It should be more suitable for players to have freedom in picking while maintaining their roles if unranked roles-queue really being implemented.