i just started playing dota again after i quit the game for a couple of years
noticed there was a new champion so i thought i would return to the game to give dawnbreaker a spin.

here is where it gets funny.... i got reported by the players in my team without any valid reason yet somehow my account now has the ranked mode disabled because of ranked boosting / account sharing or matchmaking abuse ?????

what is that even suppose to meen.. i just started playing after years of inactivity , how on earth can my account get flagged as a booster or any other ranked abuse.

i just picked dawnbreaker, and immediatly people started shouting about reports. my performance was good and put in a solid game but because people dont want you to play the new hero ( they feel you cant perform with it ) you get reported anyway. How is that a reason to get send to the low prio pool.

And just for the record i am not even that good of a player and the rank i am playing on is bottem tier

sorry but this system is broken... and immediatly takes all the joy out of the game

how about a little justice here and lift up this penalty.

match ID = 5941758751