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Communication Levels for Mutual Respect?

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  • Communication Levels for Mutual Respect?

    Many Dota players still stressing the game developer about the release of Spectre arcana, but they aren't concerned much about the improvement of matchmaking of the gaming at all. I bet a lot of players are focusing on using the Dota game as a tool to generate profits & entertainment. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is better for the Dota community to share experiences when it comes to any discussion instead of triggering an argument to show who is right or wrong, am I right?

    Back to other threads, when I talked about the seriousness and goals in matchmaking, I can feel many players attempted to argue with what I was trying to raise in the Dota public community. I am not saying that my brain is always the right or everyone should agree with whatever being rose by me. You may disagree with my thoughts, but you should use your experiences during the gaming to adjust my idea. With that, I can explain a lot of why and the reasoning of my thoughts, and we don't have to go for so many pointless arguments that kind of wasting time.

    Let's get into another issue where players are facing nowadays, which is the communication skills of players. Look at the design of players report at post-game given to you by the game developer, have you ever wonder why you have these 3 categories only?
    1. Communication Abuse
    2. Matchmaking Abuse
    3. Smurfing or Account Buying

    You guys know and understand that matchmaking abuse is a common issue that happens in the game where many players were misusing the matchmaking by attempting in matching with their friendly allies who attempt to surrender the game from the opposite side, assisted allies by sharing accounts for MMR boosting, etc... Besides, speaking something clear in our sight recently where the game developer created a new rule against the "smurfing" game style as a bannable offence, plus the purchasing of accounts, etc... All the stated above are big issues currently happening in this game.

    What if we speak about the "communication" in the game? Does it seem like nobody is raising this issue that has been listed as NO.1 in the Dota 2 post-report, as "Communication Abuse"? IMO, if a player fails to show good communication with another ally, then definitely it's hard for him to teamwork. Hmmm...have you ever wonder why this game has "wheel-chat" besides using the "text-typing" or "voice communication"? Maybe you can say it was created for players to perform a faster way of communication? Why don't you compare the "wheel-chatting" with other styles of communications such as "voice communication"? Looking at most streamers, they usually use "voice communication" for better performance that can create a better and faster understanding between each other during the game playing. Here I can see and experience myself that communication such as "text-typing" was actually spoiling your game performance because you have to spend some of that time to type the texts for display (for teammates to read). Besides, the "wheel-chat" isn't the best solution for communication because players can abuse or accidentally used such a mechanic when a game is running, which may cause misunderstanding between the players such as Anti Mage player requests his allies to back but he accidentally pressed the "hot-key" to push now.

    What do you guys think now if more players are using "voice communication" during the gameplay? In conclusion, actually, communication levels can be an issue for the players to face besides the matchmaking abuse, and smurfing or account buying. If you feel that it is an issue for you and you cannot face it, then don't abuse or misuse it till it causes the quality of other's to drop. Stressing about this issue, recently, I have been stopped playing this game because I admitted that I do not have enough self-esteem to play with "voice communication" and I do not want to spoil other's game like other spoilers who never try the best to understand what and who they are playing with.

    Don't be greedy for scores because Dota 2 is a game to work with allies to take down the "main ancient" structure of the opponents, not to get recognition as the MVP or the best! Only the "narrow-minded" player will want to be MVP, honourable or the best.
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    Read it all. Din't get much what you wanted.
    Like if you want people to respect each other. We are tryng this for years in Dota. In real world we are tryng it for thousands of years. Literally!!!!

    It's not easy to make people behave. If you don't like someone just mute him and play.