Not sure if this is the right place to create this post, sorry if I'm on the wrong place.

Just now I've started a game on NA servers, and a Brasilian "professional" player on his smurf first-picked Hoodwink over the Higher ranked player that already had marked to play middle.
This is the game ID: 5989708869

In this game, the Hoodwink is Brazilian, so am I, the slark, and the Timber ( the Lesh did not say anything and we do now know if he is also).
Talking with Slark and Timber they both said that the Hood is "Mini" a "professional" player for Binomistas.
The account is level 43, with no Battlepass, and from the same guild as Mini.
During the game, he was using a voice changer, and when I started to trash talk him he said that he does not know who I am and does not give a fuck about trolling.

This is a clear example of smurfing with game-ruining behavior, and it is not the first time things like this have happened.

To add salt to the injury, his in game nick at the moment is "murder children". Last week, here in Brazil, a crazy guy with a Katana invaded a school and killed 2 teachers and 3 children of about the age 3. It seems that his nickname is also mocking the tragedy that just happened.

Valve, we need some kind of response to this. I'm not sure how this are going on lower mmrs, but on high immortal it is almost a daily occurrence for professional players to troll games on their smurfs.
Just some days ago Timado was playing on his smurf, he firstpick ranmdomned spectre on my game and went for vanguard-battlefury with no boots. Why is this behavior repeated with no consequence whatsoever?

This has to change