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Please add officialy supported skill and knowledge tests in game

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  • Please add officialy supported skill and knowledge tests in game

    Hi! I think some players pick heroes in rating without deep knowledge or have not picking hero recently. This could affect game result and upset teammates which is not desirable, right?

    To prevent that I think it would be good to add some heroes tests (for both theory and practical knowledge), but this should be official and not custom game. And of course tests should always be updated for current patch.

    It would be even greater to make this tests obligatory before picking hero in rating at least once in a week. Then heroes that player have passed these tests for, could be available in rating play. To make things better, minimal passed hero tests count for the role could be 3.

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    Dont think it would fly. Ive been playing dota forever and i dont bother to memorize patches. Most of my skill comes from sheer experience not precise facts. Depending on meta\nerfs or buffs to some heroes, other heroes become obsolete and later relevant only because people forget how to play against them.
    So while the questionnaire idea is nice it wont give any more insight to players than whatever valve already has for tracking player skill.
    They probably use time tried methods of handicaps. Putting lower performing players on your team against decent performing players on the enemy to balance the games and if you can bridge that gap you gain some points. It often gets ridiculous when u win 3rd game in a row with increasingly worse teammates who pick worst drafts possible. The matchmaker then shouts "you cant do that" and puts you with borderline easy bots against 5 arteezis so you have to eat the loss. Or if by some miracle you manage to win that it probably resets the counter. While this is frustrating and the reason for 99% of complaints about "why my teammates are so bad" its also necessary because good players would quickly reach the top and get bored facing their equals burn out and maybe quit. Hence handicap method. It keeps things challenging without much effort but its not like they have a choice, most players arent that good. They do have the capability to perfectly match players with equal skill but your queue times would be 10 times longer if you belong to the self proclaimed "im da best player clearly" category. Dont you worry matchmaker knows if youre a high impact/game decider in most of the games.
    Last edited by 5teen; 06-19-2021, 01:10 AM.