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  • hoodwink

    Hoodwink the most broken hero design thus far. A mish mash of about 11+ different heroes if i count it right. treant windranger brood, riki (talent invi) better evasion than either individually. 2 charges of scurry. dark seer natures prophet cc/nuke/vision obstruction with over 1100 range. At level one her damage output is up there with the best heroes against 2 opponents. Witch doctor snapfire esque ability. Two charges as well. Applies item effects as well making her into a late game drow/dusa. I cant even........ That should be removed. An ultimate thats 2+ times better than snipers (with aghs) with an inbuilt silver edge or any hero ability with break, which also knocks her back so she can juke up cliffs. Has 6 abilities in total if with aghs and shard. Thats right 6.
    Every other hero in dota needs to match hoodwinks mechanics count otherwise she needs to be deleted and reworked. I cant believe they released her at all. At bare minimum every one of her abilities need to be nerfed down a level. Scurry no tree walking. Her q tree shouldnt obstruct vision. w no dark seer vacuum mechanics. Ultimate removed and reworked into something else. Perhaps taking away scurry tree walk into her ult that still gets tree walking disabled on taking damage.She shouldnt be able to do what treant does in early game. Its ridiculous shes a ranged treant that doesnt have her tree walking removed on damage. Decoy/boomerang reworked\removed altogether.
    If the intention of the hero was to attract new players cause shes so fun to play cause shes bat shit broken, mission accomplished. She breaks dota hero design. Nothing about her is unique. The squirrel design itself probably was made just so she could have those abilities without making it obvious its all reused.