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Bad matchmaking, toxic people and matchmaking discrimination.

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  • Bad matchmaking, toxic people and matchmaking discrimination.

    So lately i have been getting nothing but unfair matchmaking and toxic players, i believe it is due to a discriminatory match making algorithm.

    i'l​l start with this:
    The dota algorithm favors people who have battle passes and this makes the game pay to win.

    battle pass evidence.jpg
    SO in this evidence we clearly see a team stacked with players who have paid more money and are stacked together.

    Next ill show you game after game of feeders and new players , Griefers and bots.

    feeder evidence.jpg
    As you can see this game was totally unbalanced , the bounty hunter had no skill or game sense , and the shadow demon not only made a bad pick but did nothing useful and fed all game, neither one of these players knew how to itemize.

    Here we have #morebalance a team of 4 feeders versus a team with cordination:
    feeders 3.jpg

    Next up we have a troll who had no clue how to play and fed mid.

    smurf and feeders.jpg
    here's another game :

    more smurfs and feeders.jpg

    Yes i got out drafted and yes i was heavily countered in this game, but that's not the point i'm trying to make.

    Now Lets go over some evidence that valve has stated out of their mouths.

    1. Valve segregates pro players from matching up with less than divine players , because they whine and cry that every one it bad and unskilled.

    2. Valve hidden pools people who are toxic.

    3. Valve hidden pools people who are reported as smurfs , yet they have no evidence or proof. so these special people get matched up with games only with smurfs.

    here's my evidence.

    " If Smurf allegations are not so clear, Valve reserves the right to put these accounts in a special pool. This ensures that these suspicious accounts have a high chance of playing with other players who are suspected to be smurfing. "

    Now, i don't understand how with all the money and power valve has they cant implement a text to speech, program to seek out com abuse. people still run around dota being toxic af , like threatening peoples lives and threatening to show up at their houses and blurting racist profanities, all game.

    I don't know what valve thinks they have done to improve the game but from my perspective the game has gone down in quality since 2016.

    This what i have posted was just my last 4 matches and the rest with in the last 25 games.

    I have a 10 k behavior score , and im not perfect , im trash at the game in general, but i at least try to behave and play the game properly AS A TEAM.

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    more smurfsmore smurfs.jpg
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      This is balance

      20210721111519_1.jpg 20210721144620_1.jpg

      This is valves idea of balance.
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        Yea, they are scum


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          Please i beg of you i need 1,000 avoid players, I'd rather not even play or wait 60 mins in que just please let me have one good game.....


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            Making the game more and more like league of legends is also not helping... towers are weak and useless and people especially noobs just push lanes under tower then dive , fun times. No more skill with trilanes or keeping lanes static just push creeps as hard as possible...lmao game is totally ruined