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Repeated failure to address the antigamers has effectively killed joy of the game.

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  • Repeated failure to address the antigamers has effectively killed joy of the game.

    Lets face it, game isn't fun when to win 99% of the games you have to hope for the enemy team to get more anti gamers than what your team gets.

    (Some of) Dota 2 experience problems:

    - On several or most of the games my support will completely ignore his role.
    - When using voice chat, most times I'll get mocked for my nationality by peruvians and get reported for this alone.
    - Over half the time people will go mad if you give them properly explained advice.
    - 99% of the time, ppl breaking items wont be banned.
    - 99% of the time, feeders wont get banned.
    - 99% of the time, ppl ruining the lanes/not fulfilling their rules wont be banned.
    - Sometimes you get smurfs.
    - Sometimes you get ppl feeding to boost accounts on the enemy team.

    1.- Lack or non effective detection for disgusting behavior like item breaking/selling/dropping, feeding, or role competence.
    Sure, server resources are limited, and we don't want to overload the servers with operations that won't improve the game... but detecting someone breaking their items is not 100 lines of code. Why isn't a person that's breaking their items when the game isn't just about to end an instant ban, is beyond me.

    2.- Limited report instances.
    Can you imagine society if you couldn't report someone because you already reported someone and the police failed to capture them? Maybe you can say "oh but people will abuse the reports" or "false reports will overload the server", but the fact is that most real reports wont get a proper punishment anyways, and people abuse their reports anyways. The only ones that win with the limit on reports are the ones that do not care about being anti-gamers.

    3.- Failure to understand what drives a good game experience.
    Too many people are playing for individual stats instead of the team result, too many fools refusing to end the game, or refusing to join the team because they are trying to get that "20/0" score, medals that have no meaning because people are buying and making new accounts in mass, and more.

    I'm gonna have to say, clearly devs are woke, and have never experienced teamplay beyond their safes spaces, for thousands of year society has held team based events, and always, ALWAYS, the important thing is to be objective driven. No one literally gives a fuck about the stuff that gets said in the game field when things are heated, because it's the objective that matters. You are endorsing a culture of crystal skin weak fools that cry foul when you tell them they are not supporting properly, but wont hesitate breaking their items and ruining the game for every because clearly that's not important enough for you to implement proper detection on the system. Dota was here before you guys took over, and it worked BETTER back then that it does now, because people would still try to do team objectives.

    4.- Account buyers make behavior score and/or rank irrelevant.
    The only thing that has changed here is the spam is not as annoying as it used to be, the phone requirement clearly isn't working, and the punishments (if there's any) clearly aren't having an effect.

    5.- Cristal Devs with anti-critique philosophy.
    Yes, the previous points inevitably lead to this, and it's horrifying when you join the forum and see the first thing there is is a line that serves to bury anything that might make you feel like you are wrong as an attack... well, you should feel like you are wrong because you are, and you should feel ashamed of acting like people that's rightfully mad at your incompetence should throw flowers at you to point out how wrong you are.

    Toxicity = Breaking items, refusal to teamplay or play at all, feeding, and every behaviour that is an attempt to make your team lose.
    Not toxicity = Words.

    You can mute if someone is talking stupid shit and that's the end of it, but you can't remove them if they are actively trying to make the other team win.
    On any other sport the first behaviour would end on the entire team kicking your ass, but the second one would end on people either focusing back on the game or discussing that later.

    Possible solutions:

    1.- Unironically fire the ppl in charge of the report system, this is what a competent companies do when the ppl in charge fail to deliver and justify their above average salary.
    2.- Take a good look at what drives a good game experience. No gamer is buying the "bad words important" narrative, this isn't even a gamergate thing, it's a thousands of years thing. People go into a game to do the game, and here in Dota we have an endless supply of ppl trying NOT TO GAME going unpunished, and even allowed to abuse the system.
    3.- Implement real punishments for account buyers.
    4.- Instant permanent ban for item breakers/droppers/sellers.
    5.- Surrender or kick options when there's a feeder or someone not playing their role detected.
    6.- Stop caring about the communication, there's a mute button.

    Yes, this has been tested on accounts of several behavior scores and ranks.

    Kindly, grow a brain, because it's been 10 years and it's only gotten worse.