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Punishment for picking same hero every game -> permanent low prio

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  • Punishment for picking same hero every game -> permanent low prio

    Its ben clear for a while that matchmaking in low prio works by putting all the players with low win rates in low prio games at the same team while putting all players that usually wins low prio matches at the same team. Players who usually only play -AP and is picking the same hero every game will therefore most likely never get out of low prio because of the win requirements and forced SD mode. Its the pretty much worst system ever made in any game ever.

    In my case; almost 5k mmr, 57% win rate in ranked, but I pick bloodseeker every game. Now Im in low prio with no chanse to ever get out. I have won only one out of the 23 games Ive had in low prio, but that game didnt count as opponents wanted to be jerks and they all left right before their throne got destroyed (way to go Valve ! ). I fully understand now why LoL has 75 million players and growing every month, while dota 2 is at 7,5 million only and decreasing. Punishment for picking the same hero every game = permanent low prio !!!

    Icefrog and co chose the wrong company to work with, thats for sure.

    not kidding at all, one win within the last 23 games in low prio, there is no way matchmaking in low prio is random, they definetly uses a seeding system stacking all players with low in rates in low prio games at the same team
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    Best way to get out of LP is picking and playing support whenever is needed. If everyone picks carries and you end up picking BS, just think about the morale of your team mates.


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      Here’s what I suggest for you… The same happens to me since I spam OD with a passion. Try picking a few random other heroes from the list, watch a pro vid or two, read a guide or what not, and you’ll basically know what to do with the hero if you see it in LP. I thought that everything is boring without OD but there are other heroes out there that you’ll start liking out of nowhere just like BS since you actually tried to look into something new. It’s actually fun LEARNING about new heroes.

      Also, if you didn’t come prepared and got 3 random heroes you never played before and FAILED that game, RESEARCH the hero you JUST picked in that last game and SEE what you did “wrong”. Watch pro vids and guides, then the NEXT TIME you get that hero in LP, you will know what to do. As a D2 player, you must be knowledgeable of many things, not only the things you love (this includes knowing how to support, carry, play different heroes, etc.). With the current system you’ll just suffer endlessly as a BS spammer.

      A third option is what the dude above me said about being support. Just ward the areas, give your carries guidance and assistance (Don’t take their runes, creep gold, kill steals) because they need the gold more to carry the game. Instead signal them that runes are ready by holding alt and clicking on the rune, and distract enemies while your carries farm, don’t feed as well). Many, many games are lost because the support doesn’t help the carries out entirely. Read more support guides online.

      In LoL, I heard that if you stayed for the whole damn LP game and LOST, you STILL get the credit for giving 1 FUCKING HOUR of your life. THIS needs to be applied in Dota LP for fucks sake. This new muting system for new players is garbage. You can’t communicate or ask for help if needed, and you can’t plan things out with your fucking team. BULLSHIT. There should be a mute system or chat censor, NOT PERMANENT MUTE. 20 GAMES? WHAT? Now I know why LoL will always drag Dota in the fucking dirt. Excuse my sudden rage, I couldn’t help it…